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  1. caution: lots of words ahead. feel free to not read. (:

    i've been back to melbourne for like 5 days plus already and i never had the time to actually write some stuff to update my blog.


    firstly caused i reached melbourne at like 1245am on monday morning/midnight? slept close to 5am then left the house at like 1130am and went over to Monash Accommodation to go look for cherly, teck wei and khai shien.

    went chadstone the first day there then got ready bla bla bla.. and left out to the city along with cherly, jia shen, teck wei and rachel cause it was rachel's 20th birthday and we were going out to lygon street for dinner.

    dinner was a total of 9 of us.

    my medium rare porterhouse steak (: yummm omg the red wine and pepper sauce is like omg! haha

    teck wei's chicken parmagiana.

    dinner was rachel's treat. thank youuuuu! xx

    after dinner went to workshop for like a cup of beer. then left with teck wei cause i wasn't up for going to the strip club with the rest of them. so yea.

    ended up going back to MA and watched half of step up 3d was too tired to continue.


    woke up like 2 something i think? then walked over to kotaraya with teck wei, khai shien, cherly, jia shen and rachel and tapaoed lunch go back MA common area to eat.

    then close to 6pm left out to the city with cherly. jia shen joined us in the train at murrumbeena station. 4 of us went to the city to meet up with wei nian, tek yit, loong and his sis and shu hua hsini beng they all for dinner at menya.

    after menya bubble tea at ten ren then went back to MA.

    which they had like this surprise cake thingy for teck wei at 12 ish. cause it was his birthday and had like a cake fight in the room. it was so rich and creamy and cheesy and milky. don't like the smell. haha

    which then headed over to jasper's room with some sorta session which i am new to.

    bought a zippo lighter for teck wei as his present which i conveniently forgot to take picture of and didn't even know it doesn't come with lighter fluid. have to buy separately.. =.=


    woke up super late. then headed down to the city with teck wei to meet up with the rest. wei nian, tek yit, loong, sheng nee, cherly, jia shen, shu hua, beng, hsini for dinner. had korean jap at oriental spoon. sorta like a 21st birthday dinner for teck wei.

    then went over to the suzuki night market at vic market till about 9 ish then went over to starbucks for a drink then the 4 of us, me teck wei jia shen and cherly went over to wei nian's to get the monopoly deal cards then headed over to jia shen's house.

    js took the car and fetched us back to MA and stayed there playing monopoly deal with us. 4 of us plus khai shien played till about 2 something i think?

    then watched finished the remaining half of step up 3d with teck wei along with a huge 300g smiths salt and vinegar.

    don't really like it to be honest.

    i expected more and better storyline. step up and step up 2 was so much better. i was quite disappointed with the movie considered how so very much i desperately wanted to see it but gotta wait so long for.


    woke late again. walked out to comp shop with teck wei. lingered around MA till about 4 something i left for home.

    reached home close to 7pm, ate dinner and went up to my room and just stayed there watching series till it was like 12am.

    today, friday,

    woke up about 9am left to uni at 930am. settled stuffs in uni till about 12pm. went over to MA to look for them for lunch.

    ended up me, teck wei, jia shen and cherly had lunch in chaddy. jap food ((:

    my ten don =D yummss $9.90

    then four of us headed to jia shen's and played somemore monopoly deal since cherly just bought a new deck for $10.

    about 6 plus took the train and headed down to the city to meet up with wei nian, tek yit, raymond, shu hua, beng and hsini they all. loong and his sis didn't come tho.

    had dinner at oldtown kopitiam mamak.

    my nasi goreng. $9.90

    hmmmm.. so so? i've eaten better with the same price. laksa king still tops it all. haha!

    left city about 8.30pm to come home.

    just finished one episode of the rippling blossom as i am downloading latest and current episodes everyday.

    i like it ler..

    and two episodes of vampire diaries. i like vampire diaries alot too. haha!

    tomorrow might be out for lunch.

    been spending the first three nights staying over at MA. then been out quite often too. once classes starts next week, don't think i'll be that free to jump around everywhere anymore. but these past few days had been like awesome fun. seriously..

    much love,
    sher xx.

    (: smiling so much.
    haven't been happier.
    love it.

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