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  1. nice shopping outing today.. =DD hehe

    shopping day with aunty D and relatives. first stop we went to footscray homy ped shoe factory outlet. usually i don't get stuffs there cause there are more older looking designs. but.... i bought a pair of t-bar flats today. eheh

    and super duper love it!! milky cream white ♥♥ $23. cuteeeee!

    then went to siricco factory outlet over in south yarra. they mainly sell leather stuff but neh.. anyways mum is over in europe getting me stuffs me love already.. bags heaven in europe man!

    but still ended up with a $5 knitted red scarf and a bunch of 6 files for $2 (:

    was hungry after that so we headed over to richmond for vietnamese pho.. meaning vietnamese noodles.

    ordered sliced rare beef and beef balls. had it at i love pho 264 on victoria street.

    and i know there is a bardot factory outlet nearby and i had to go because we were just nearby and i've always always wanted to go. so yes, brought all of them there.. and i went nuts!!

    half sheer cobalt blue skirt. $10!! and i love it!! ♥♥

    bow front tube dress. $15!! omg...

    plain front dress but back looks damn sexy.. $5!!!! hahahahaha yes its FIVE dollars!

    crochet tunic $20 (:

    heart bodysuit $5 and $10 military-ish shorts.. love the shorts!

    linen oversized knit. $5!!! ♥♥ love love!!

    7 pieces for $70. and its bardot!! where to find laaaaaa...~!!! that explains why i went a little crazy.. hehe

    i might drop by again thursday because i wanted another cardi but i didn't have time to really look and now i am regretting not getting already. so yes, will be back on thursday after my test! heheh

    so yeap.. that's my monday. hehe

    tomorrow back to uni. back to assignment.. ): and then gonna go over to MA since aunty D uncle and everyone else is going to phillip island for the night.

    mwahhhhss ,

    me love jarlsberg cheese.. hehehe =D

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