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    Monday, October 17, 2011

    here's it. the weekly chronology.


    in uni with classes and assignmenting in the library.

    then tea time with mum, aunty jaime and uncle somewhere nearby uni.

    tried smith's vegemite flavoured chips. and no.. salty was the word.


    went for love never dies with mum, aunty jaime, aunty D, uncle and julian. it was a buy one free one thing so we only paid like $50? pretty cheap.

    this was our view to the stage. pretty good seats for the price.

    and it was okay? a tad bit dark in terms of storyline i find.. peterpan or mamma mia was more my thing for musicals tho..

    had to wear these pair of long flare pants from asos at some point. $10 and they are super comfy! but they also have to go along with a super high pair of heels if not its too long..


    home all day for an assignment. forego going out with mum and aunty jaime and uncle to vic market..

    dinner was pan fried salmon with creamy mash potatoes (:


    booked yum cha at gold leaf in sunshine.

    mango pudding (:

    this wasn't all the food and it was aunty D's treat hehe..

    then took a drive to torquay which was like an hour and a half away.

    main thing, it was a surf city.

    surf city means surf brands. and surf brands means shopping. =DD bought a top and two barrets or beanie whatever it is.

    after torquay was a drive over to the werribee rose garden then it was home.

    had a visit that night from teck wei, cherly, jia shen, ck and sean cause there was some stuff to pass to my mum to bring home. hence them coming over and me seeing my dear (: tho it was a short visit, but good enough for the week since i haven't had the chance to drop by MA.


    home all day doing my assignment. and it was a misery. mum, aunty jaime, aunty D, and uncle all went to mornington for a flea market and i was feeling super miserable at home. )): i really wanted to go to the mornington flea market...

    assignment all day... stressed the shit out of me. =/

    mum and aunty jaime went back to malaysia this morning at 2am. so they were off to the airport at assignment was due by 1159pm and i couldn't even send mum to the airport like i hoped i did. )):

    i am gonna miss mum... no indomie whenever i feel hungry or even her just being there with me in my room even she's just on her sudoku with her phone.. sometimes i think i take her presence for granted and think that it was still a long time before she heads home. getting pretty emotional over her going back this time. something just kinda hit me..

    been so stress for the past few days that i am only a breaking down level. and what tops that? bad news on an assignment and assignments due this sunday and next wednesday. a test next thursday and another final exam the next thursday. then finals a week after that. great.. just great..

    don't think my days are gonna get any better until finals are over..

    still looking forward to my fridays or for that matter any time i am with you.

    much love,

    sometimes i wish you always know. so that i don't have to ask or even thought of asking. the conversations we have seem kinda blunt lately.. or maybe i am just asking for more..

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