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  1. the smiles.

    Friday, September 30, 2011

    went to teck wei's today. since its now a once a week thing, i am so looking forward to fridays right now...

    nothing beats after a whole long week of ups and downs and tears and moody nights and then finally being at where you'll feel the most of yourself and feel like everything thats been happening isn't so bad after all.

    tho i was there for hours, it didn't feel like hours at all. before i knew it, i was standing out with an umbrella in my hands ready to walk under the rain and say my goodbyes. it initiated with an enthusiastic smile of me waving goodbye but then transformed into a sad look that landed myself a kiss goodbye which made it a whole lot harder but worth while..

    yeap thats me now. dependant and yea.. dependant. so not me but it is the new me (:

    these couple of days had been rough with things in uni but this somewhat kept me going. i could say the change in my life for the past 9 months or so, had been one hell of a ride but its a good change and i am thankful for it. i couldn't have wished for any better than it already is..

    shereena xx.

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