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  1. caution: stressful week ahead!

    Wednesday, September 07, 2011

    busy busy week ahead. i have so much to do until next thursday. yesterday handed in a lab report, friday an assignment then next wednesday another assignment and one test one lab report on thursday. can die weih.... =/

    mum and uncle and cousin and wife will be here next thursday early hours. which i am looking forward to! after a busy thursday i can be out with them for the weekend and go see see look look around and shopping!!

    cause the week after is my sem break for a week. hmmm one lab report due that week tho )): lab reports are so annoying right now... ))):

    weekends i am always at MA and as usual there will be food and more sleeping.

    friday dinner at petaling street at glen waverley.

    sunday's early dinner. tom yum yee mee which i cooked =D

    saturday i think we had dominos pizza for dinner? and monday night was me frying cordon bleu and schnitzels and chicken fingers at like 11 at night? fattening i know.. but yums... haha!

    this weekend prolly in MA on sunday only. and then mum and uncle will be here which means i won't be able to get to MA as often as i did before this. as often as every single week for like 4 days. i spend more time in MA than my own place.. haha gonna miss youuuuuu tho.. )):

    was in uni today by 10am. went to get breakkie.

    maccas' breakfast mcmuffin. sho awesome! theres egg, hashbrown, patty, cheese and barbeque sauce. yumsss! *ignore the box they packed it in*

    and now helping a friend out with a report and she brought me lunch from home. aww how sweet ((:

    will be heading off to lectures in like 20 minutes.

    its already week 5 and i am still kinda lost with one of my subjects. gotta get it started already!! =/

    i guess thats it for now. just thought of updating cause i don't think i'll be free for the next couple of days until i hand in my assignment on friday at 5pm.

    till then, xx.


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