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  1. an over obsession. hehe

    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    so much for doing assignments today.. i did some research but not much. hmmm... =/

    woke up about 10 plus, went downstairs to fry an egg with a cheese in it left melted and had it in between two slices of bread while chatting with aunty D. then 12 plus left home with aunty D, went to the post office, then to DFO.

    DFO means shops. shops means shopping. so yes.. was out shopping till about 4pm.

    damages today.. hehe =PP

    omg so cute!! loving my new laptop sleeve sho sho muchyyyy! ♥♥

    knit from mossman. $15. love it toooo!!

    polka dot top from cotton on. $5. altho its a large, but its too cute to resist and it was the last one. so why not..

    these are from the online shopping world. i have always had a thing for paul frank's stuff. i love the monkey!

    cute huh? =D

    okay.. i know.. i am into cute stuffs lately. i think i am blooming abit late on liking the cute stuff part.. i seriously think so. haha!

    thats pretty much it today. all about shopping. which apparently i am known for. soo.. hmmm..

    tomorrow will be out and shall be back home on monday. goodnight ya'll.


    you've gotta realise how so very much i love polka dots! don't you? =D
    even my iphone cover is dotted. hehe


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