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  1. apparently last week was good.

    Sunday, September 04, 2011

    its becoming a habit of one post a week already.. haha

    uni has been as usual. but now i am starting to get piled up with work. one lab report due tuesday one assignment due next friday. then the next week one assignment due wednesday and a test on thursday... crazy..

    plus my mum will be here the wednesday night before my thursday test. aiyooooo... ):

    just a couple of pictures which i took in the past week. which is only 2 pictures and their food pictures. sho sadd.. hehe

    thursday's lunch (: i haven't had sushi sushi in so so so long! me missed it..

    dinner on thursday with wei ping at rose garden. my egg chiffon with chicken on rice ((: i haven't had rose garden in a long long time too!

    i am over in MA now. trying so hard to write out my lab report. ughhh i hate writing. so annoying with all the citations and all that.

    currently being real into the songs from the voice by dia frampton and javier colon. and also adam levine's performance on the show. its like on repeat on my itunes. now it is at man in the mirror, the duet between adam levine ♥ and javier colon. hehe

    just wanted to update something to prove that i haven't been dropping out of the blogging atmosphere. now i shall continue with trying very hard on my lab report. ciao!

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

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