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  1. its scary to even imagine losing somebody..

    Friday, September 09, 2011

    managed to get an assignment off my hands today. ughh have i mentioned how much i hate them? after submitting, i spring cleaned my room. wipe the dust off, vacuumed the room, tidied up my table and changed the sheets.

    now the room looks brighter neater and cleaner. i have to admit, it was a junk before this. a horrifying one.. =x hehe

    just finished watching the last two episode of lives of omission. it got me teary.. haven't felt so sad till i wasn't literally crying for a show in quite some time now.

    overall, really really liked the show =D

    don't remember what was the last tvb show that i really enjoyed watching and seriously can't wait for the next episode and quickly download as soon as i could. =D

    i am taking a night off after the assignment today and also the cleaning. so back to reality tomorrow.. )): tomorrow back to doing assignments. ughhhhh help!! ))):

    currently been in love with a pair of heels which i so wanna own. i couldn't afford the designer made one but i could afford a replica though =P

    the jeffrey campbell's foxy. damn, its hot and sexy ♥♥

    i so want them! might get it shipped here soon. we shall see when is the day that i am in a mood of doing some online shopping. seriously.. i do have a certain day to be in the mood. haha

    but not these few days.. with all the things to be done swarming around, i barely have the mood for anything... =/

    looking forward to sunday tho. i haven't had my weekly dosage of you yet..

    i guess thats a wrap for tonight. will be back when i can (:


    much love,

    moves like jagger FTW! ♥♥♥

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