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  1. wishes.

    Monday, September 12, 2011

    its mooncake festival today (: we had our little celebration yesterday night at about 11pm? 10 something? haha

    hehe =D


    dinner yesterday was nasi lemak made by this dood who is a student and lives down the street from MA. for $6.50 is pretty cheap and its good! (:

    lunch before that was having steamboat party over at jia shen's place. it was a good get together with everybody. from food to crap talks to playing wii. haha

    slept over at jia shen's place with cherly last night. hmmm left for home this afternoon about 12 plus.

    my lunch today. 3 pieces of wicked wings. $3.25

    then came home and slept till it was dinner. now i am off to doing assignment. i am slacking and procrastinating like nobodys business..... ))):



    it was the first night and i felt the pain already.. imagine 2 weeks and then imagine 3 months ): sighhh.. why can't it just be like an everyday thing? ): me is emo...

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