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  1. i am getting cranky due to the not seeing.

    Saturday, September 17, 2011

    hellooooo! me is back (:

    it was a lovely day out today. had brunch with the girls =D yao yun, celine and sheng nee. and it was at st ali! awesome possum! ((:

    my soy chai. yumsss! i am starting to really like chai. $5

    my regina fungi with added smoked salmon. sourdough toast, poached eggs, rocket, feta cheese, swiss baked mushrooms and balsamic glaze. $23.50 loved it!! (((:

    celine's something boring which poached eggs and spinach and cherry tomato salad.

    sheng nee ordered something boring as well but with scrambled eggs and mash avocado. yummms! they were both really nice!

    yao yun already had the share of brunch over in manchester press. so it was just mocha and cookie for her. hehe

    then it was going over to dfo south wharf for shopping. it was good but i wasn't in that intention of really looking around because i will be going back there one of this days anyways.

    me and yao yun stayed back for a little while longer till about 4pm where as celine and sheng nee left about 330pm.

    since it was such a warm day today, i was dying for some cold drink. soooo went over to chatime with yao yun for some taiwan mango QQ ((: left for train at 440pm. was home by 530pm (:

    mum uncle cousin and wife and aunty D went over to mount dandenongs for the tulip festival. which is part of the reason why i was out today with the girls.

    by the time i got home, they were back already and bought pie in the sky for me!! yummmmmyy.. instantly heated up the fetta pie once i got home! hahahah ((:

    now mum's cooking fried rice downstairs. i am already smelling nice food =DDD heheheh yes, be jealous. hehe

    i'll be busy right till next weekend simply taking them around cause cousin and wife will only be here till next sunday. mum will be here till october 17th. uncle till 5th december. so yeap i'll be a busy tour guide in the meantime. more like a busy tour guide for shopping spots. hehe (:

    tomorrow will be off to st kilda!

    till then, xx.

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Dancing on My Own - Robyn

    hen xiang nian ni )): emo nemo-ing..

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