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    Thursday, July 25, 2013

    I believe that you always have to improve yourself and learn to be better. Keep on learning and growing. To love better, to BE better. Always look at the good in things and be positive.

    Although I may not be exactly all the above, I do sincerely think that I have become a better person over these years of being independently on my own over the seas. I have learned to solve problems rationally and reason a problem out rather than only thinking I am always the right one and refuse to listen and that my opinion and thoughts are the only thing that matters most. 

    Indeed.., patience is the virtue. 

    Partly, or mostly because, being with you made me a much better person. And I do believe that when a person brings out the best in you and change you for the better, the person is worth being in your life for a lifetime. It makes the whole process of getting to where I am today, worth it. 

    Family plays an important important part too. And I am so glad to have the support and nurture from the two most important things in my life right now. Family and tw. Am so glad I have a family to back me up and see the best in me regardless of who I am or who I have become. 

    Everything is unconditional. And I am eternally grateful. Grateful to be where I am and grateful that my life so far in terms of growing up and being a person, I have succeeded. Immensely. Grateful to have found our way to each other, Bii <3


    p/s Singapore short trip post will be up by Friday morning. I am at the stage of editing all the pictures! Promise it'll go up before my next trip down on Friday! Had to font this lines smaller because it'll ruin my whole "feeling motivated and grateful and inspirational quotes and talks moment." HEHE :P

    **edited on Friday 26 Jul, 2am**

    I beh tahan liao...sleepy.. Just came home from yumcha with a whole big bunch. Have to go sleep already... Cause I haven't started packing and I got to wake early to do it first.. ): Tomorrow I'll flying out to Singapore for a family vacation! Singapore for TWO consecutive weekends man.. Will update on my Singapore trip with the girls last week when I get back! Stay tuned peeps!

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