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  1. Singapore short getaway trip with friends!

    Thursday, August 01, 2013


    Without realizing it is already August! And I'll be heading back to Melbourne in 3 days already... Feeling a slightly heavy heart to leave but at the same time, really really looking forward to seeing the boyfie!! This whole leaving back to uni studies in Australia is a very bittersweet thing...

    I am so sorry for the lack of updates whenever I am back in Malaysia for holidays. I tend to really have no time to sit down and blog properly... Most of the time I'll either be out or sleeping or out till really late at night and by the time I get home, all I wanna do is sleep.

    But I figured, I have been saying I'll get to this Singapore getaway trip with the girls(and their other halves) sooo... I better get this done before I go to sleep.

    It's precisely 230am right now and yes, I have been out till about 15 minutes ago only I came home. Went out for a sudden/random plan for karaoke with Tim, Ferns and Wei Jun. So much fun! SO MUCH!! These bunch of jokers never fail to make you laugh anytime and anywhere one!

    Wokays... Singapore trip on the 21st till the 24th of July!

    DAY 1,

    I flew down! Been such a long long long time since I went down to Singapore by air..

    Changi's Terminal 1 :) It was totally foreign to me because the last time I was at Changi Airport, I was prolly 8 years old?

    Jo and Robin came to pick me up from the airport. But before that we met up with Steph and Shamus for a short while deciding where will we be going for lunch as steph and shamus is staying somewhere else. While me, YY and pat, Jo and Robin stayed at Robin's house.

    After heading back to Robin's and after all the getting ready, the five of us headed to Eunos by MRT to meet up with Steph and Shamus before we adjourn to Katong together by taxi for Katong Laksa!

    Rojak buah that has yau char kuey.. Something new to me!

    The famous Katong Laksa! It was really nice! But the funny part is, no chopsticks are provided and everyone eats with just a spoon because the noodles are so short that you don't need chopsticks for it.

    Some very very very nice Otak Otak!!

    I couldn't remember if this was lime juice or sugar cane with lemon... Hmm...

    After lunch, we walked over to Marine Parade for tau huey and Koi bubble tea!

    My passionfruit ai-yu with pearls! :D My first Koi experience and it was really nice!!

    After Marine Parade, all 7 of us took a taxi back to Robin's to chill before we head out for dinner. And chilling in Robin's place mostly means "bonding" which means playing gin rummy according to Robin's mum. HAHAH!

    She taught YY and Steph how to play while me and Jo already know how to. It was fun! Gin rummy is my favourite game leh :D

    My girls!

    For dinner, we decided to go to Tim Ho Wan @ Plaza Singapura. So all of us took the MRT down to Dhobi Ghaut and when we got to tim ho wan, there was a long long line of people waiting for a table already!! 

    Tim Ho Wan is actually a Michelin starred restaurant for dim sum in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. And this outlet in Plaza Sing is the first franchise out of HK. That is why it is crazy popular because it is known to be really good but at an affordable price! Even the ones in HK you would have to queue up for some time to get a table..

    Like super duper long man!! 

    And guess what, we waited for 2 hours and 15 minutes for a table anddddddd technically it wasn't us who waited, it was Robin. Because he so very kindly queued for us while we went to walk around and shop and stuff. Writing about it now also I am feeling damn bad still.... Thank you so much Robin!!! 


    *The food we ordered*
    This bun was sooooooooooo gooooooood!!!!!!

    The lobak kou also damn niceeee!!

    The malai kou is sooooooo niceeeee! Smells so good and tastes totally awesome!

    Kuai fa kou!! :D 

    Group picture! I was the ultimate lamp post throughout the trip lah please.... How I wish the boyfie went as well. Then it would have been complete.. But nonetheless, awesome awesome dinner!! Felt so satisfying!!! Thanks for the treat Jo and Robin!

    After dinner we took the MRT to Esplanade to walk around the Harbour. The night view was seriously spectacular! So pretty!!

    *They are all the same view but it was seriously too pretty!! To pretty to discard some of them :D*
    I only solely took pictures of the view with my camera where as the ones with us in it, credits to Steph's camera! :D I was too engrossed with taking pictures of the view rather than of us HEHE :P But the view was seriously so pretty loooooo!!

    After admiring enough of the night view, we walked over to Raffles Place and took the MRT home. Which was also where we parted ways with Steph and Shamus.. Basically Day 1 is the only day that we all hung out together. Because steph and shamus had plans the next day and they were catching The Phantom of the Opera.

    After we got back to Robin's, I was already super duper tired because the night before I had only 3 hours of sleep. But yet, I still managed to stay up till 6am talking to Jo and YY. It has been a really long time since we had girls heart to heart talk sessions ok... It was well worth it to sacrifice sleep for! :D

    DAY 2,

    *edited at 11am(was too tired to continue this morning)*

    We woke up at 11am because we were heading out to Wild Honey @ Scotts Square on Orchard for brunch. And Robin being Robin, the very very nice guy, left the house at 11am to go and queue up for us first while we got ready and stuff. We only left the house an hour after that. 

    And by the time we reached the place, there was already a table waiting for us. Robin, you so nice lah really!!! Seriously I felt so bad and so grateful at the same time..

    The European. Widely known as Eggs Benedict but with a twist!

    Boulevard st. Michels.

    That has a parmesan crumbed perfectly poached egg and with a spinach and double baked cheese souffle.

    The English or more widely known as the big breakfast!

    My Norwegian. There's avocado, grilled asparagus, two poached eggs wrapped with imported Norwegian smoked salmon, homemade hollandaise and salmon pearls on a whole wheat brioche. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! And a heads up, it cost $26 but totally totally worth it!!

    Brunch was so awesome! Everything tasted amazingly good! And to make me feel even more helpless during the trip, I was being treated again.. Thanks YY and Pat! I tell you... these people never let me pay... ))):

    Colourful group picture!

    After brunch we headed back to Robin's and chilled. Till about 4pm, we sent YY and Patrick off to the airport as they were catching a flight back to KL because both of them were working the next day. It was such a short trip for them! ): But so glad YY managed to come along!! Because at the beginning she told me she couldn't make it one lo... WHEEE :))))

    And after dropping them at the airport, me and Jo went to Tampines mall for some shopping. Which I picked up two items, a pair of jeggings and a bottle of hair oil :) ANDDDD we bought LAO BAN!! 

    It is like DA BOMB!! So glad I managed to find it there!! Altho it actually is everywhere... haha!

    Then the two of us took the MRT back to Simei and kept the lao bans in the fridge first for after dinner dessert because the moment we got home, we left our for dinner @ Lagoon already. This time dinner with Robin's family as well.

    This is Lagoon! It is a huge hawker centre by the waterfront. So many people and so much food!!

    *This is just a fraction of what we ordered. I was too hungry and also didn't want to stop everyone from eating by taking pictures first. But most of the food were good!*
    Sugar cane with lemon. It is a Singaporean thing. And I love it!

    Otak otak so so only. The one at Katong Laksa was wayy nicer!

    The Singaporean way of cooking carrot cake. This is called the Black carrot cake and it is sweet. Something new to me hehe

    The ikan bakar was so good!!! Love stingrays!! YUMS!

    We also had very awesome chicken wings and "oh chien" and another round of ikan bakar. I don't think that is all we had but I couldn't remember what else we had already.. hehe

    After dinner we went back home for Lao Ban as dessert and also had "bonding" session with Robin's mum and sister.


    Bonding. I never imagined to be playing this with my friend's mum. HAHA!

    As it was a Sunday night and everyone else was going to work the next day, we ended the night around 12am. And I totally ko-ed on the bed straight till the next morning. Was so tiredddd but fun! :D

    DAY 3,

    It was my alone day! Jo and Robin had to work and I know nobody in Singapore that could hang with me on a weekday soooo I went exploring by myself!

    I woke up around 10am and left the house straight after I got ready. Was kinda nice waking up at my on leisure time and taking however long I need to get ready :DD

    The road taken everyday for the whole 4 days :D So convenient!! The station was only less than 10 minutes walk from Robin's.

    And so, I hopped onto the MRT to get to Tanjong Pagar for ramen! I googled for the best ramen in Singapore and it appears to be this one @ Tanjong Pagar called Tonkotsu King! I have been hearing so much about Singapore having good ramens soooo I have to try man!! Me love me some ramen! :D And the better part is, Tanjong Pagar is on the same line(green line) as Simei so I don't have to switch MRT lines :)

    It is located just around the corner of Orchid Hotel.

    The lunch hour crowd but because it was only a table for one for myself, I got in pretty quick :D

    They supply you with free hard boiled eggs and seasoned bean sprouts. You can eat however much you want :)

    I ordered the Tonkatsu Ramen Special with ALL toppings in a Normal broth, normal softness of noodles and in normal oil level. You can choose light, normal or strong/hard for the noodles and each category when you order.


    And I kept adding and adding the free flow of bean sprouts given. SO YUMS!!!

    After my very satisfying $17.80 ramen lunch, I hopped onto the MRT and hopped off at City Hall because I wanted to walk around Funan Centre to look for some camera accessories. But there wasn't anything there that caught my eyes so I decided to walk to Bugis because it is supposedly only one stop away from City Hall and I thought I could be adventurous. HAHA!

    While thinking I was walking towards Bugis, I detoured to Clarke Quay for a while to just checkout and see what is it like over there.

    It must look really pretty at night when it is all lighted up! Too bad I didn't have the chance to actually see how it is at nightfall. But even during the day it is like super colourful already!

    After walking around Clarke Quay, I was fairly certain that I am no longer walking towards Bugis direction and didn't want to risk getting lost on foot on my own so I hopped onto the MRT at Clarke Quay and changed lines and got off at Bugis.

    Once you get off at Bugis station, you'll end up in Bugis Junction which is a mall like place but to get those cheap cheap things at the well known Bugis Street, you have to walk out of Bugis Junction and it will be at the opposite side of the road! :D

    This is how Bugis Street looks like. It feels like Sungei Wang to me. And everything there is at an affordable price! You can get clothes as low as $5 :DDD

    After shopping at Bugis for hours and left the place with $40 lesser, I went on the MRT and headed over to Plaza Singapura at Dhobi Ghaut station to line up for this very famous japanese collagen soup place for dinner because I made plans to have dinner there with Jo Ann. The queue starts at 5pm so I left Bugis around 430pm and was there at Plaza Sing in just 15 minutes.

    And I managed to write down our names for a table at 7pm. Yes you have to queue starting from 5pm to secure seats for whatever time you want to eat at. Andddd Jo's name(I had to put hers cause I don't have a singapore number for them to call me when the table is ready) was the first on the waiting list because I was seriously thaaaaat early in securing our table. 

    And since there was still 2 hours till dinner, I just chilled outside of Plaza Sing first because my legs were feeling like they were gonna detach from my body already. So so painful from all the walking and I wasn't exactly wearing proper walking shoes.

    Then I figured I should take a slow walk down to Orchard Road to look see look see.

    All I did was spend most of my time in H&M till around 630pm. And then I realized I was late because Jo had already arrive Plaza Sing so I quickly paid for my buyings and took a short bus ride back to Plaza Sing.

    *This was our dinner!*
    The way it is eaten and what exactly is it. All the ingredients! It was super healthy and so SO GOOD!!

    Rich Collagen pudding before it melts.

    The ingredients. Super healthy one! Mostly organic :)

    Melting! They gave us a cup of the pure collagen pudding soup first before adding all the ingredients and the soup was OMG SO NICEEEE!!!! 

    This is called a "Watermelon Radish". So unique and something totally new to me! I was fascinated for a while haha!

    Our hotpot is ready!

    And also had some noodles. The texture was perfect!

    My dinner date <3 And she also insisted on treating me.. ): 

    Our small little after meal dessert :)

    Overall dinner was so so nice! Something different and special! I LOVED IT! It came to almost $30 per person for the meal.

    After dinner, the two of us took the MRT to meet up with Robin at Marina Bay Sands. We were heading to Au Chocolat for dessert!

    It was a super cute shop! So quaint! Love the ambience! It is mostly all about chocolates but they are have proper savoury meals. This is their menu.

    Robin's dinner. The Au Chocolat mega club sandwich or something. He was busy with work that's why he couldn't join us for dinner and his office is within walking distance to MBS.

    Jo ordered their Au Chocolat crepe.

    THIS WAS THE BOMB!!! THE BEST FRIES I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!! This is their Truffle Fries! SOOO GOOOOOD!!!!

    I can't remember exactly what cake this was but it was also SO GOOD! LOVED IT! I am a sucker for rich chocolate cakes :D HEHE

    Jo <3

    Initially I insisted on treating them dessert but in the end I ate so much but contributed nothing. I feel so bad! But so thankful to them both for all that they have done to make me feel like home! 

    After dessert, we went outside of MBS to have a short walk and to digest a little of the very heavy dinner and dessert plus together.

    The Helix Bridge.

    The Louis Vuitton "Island" outside of MBS.

    The interior of MBS Shoppes. So beautiful!

    And then we headed back home. Chilled around the house for awhile before parting ways with all of them. Because I was going to leave the next day and they all will be at work so I wouldn't get to see them sooo.. the parting had to be done that night itself.

    Day 4,

    I woke up at 930am and left the house at 10am. I even had a packed muffin for me to eat on my way to the airport prepared by Robin's maid and most prolly was told by Robin's mum to do so. Aiyo... I feel so much like home man! Then, walked out to the MRT station and took the MRT to Changi Airport. 

    Arrived at Changi Airport 30 minutes after that and went straight for breakfast.

    A full set that has a cup of milk tea, half boiled eggs and their very famous kaya and butter toast.

    I am usually not a half boiled eggs and milk tea kind of person but I really wanted to try because they are so famous and Ya Kun Kaya Toast is everywhere in Singapore! The kaya and butter toast was really nice but I didn't enjoy the rest as much. Maybe because I am never a fan of them to begin with lah..

    Plus I totally regretted the milk tea altho it tasted really nice and fragrant-ny because the milk made me feel queasy throughout my flight back. I seriously don't do well with milk one. Most of the time it makes me wanna puke or more like gives me the feeling of wanting to puke. I thought this time I was okay with it cause I felt totally fine until I was up on the flight... =/

    *Changi Airport*
    The kinetic art was so interesting! I just stood there and kept looking at it. HAHA! I was amazed :)

    All of the eating and walking around was at Terminal 3 so I took the skytrain to Terminal 1 which was where my flight was flying from. Most of the budget flights flies from Terminal 1.

    At the boarding gate. My flight was scheduled for 1240pm and the flight was less than half filled.

    Goodbye Singapore!

    After an hour, I was back at LCCT. Totally hate that terminal. I walked so so far to get to International Arrivals!! Till my shoulders nearly broke from my heavy shoulder luggage bag...): 

    But nonetheless my Singapore trip was so fun and enjoyable!!! I have learnt that for good food or any sort of slightly more decent food in Singapore, you are required to queue up for it! Almost all the restaurants that I passed by @ Plaza Sing during dinner time, has a queue outside. Even Pizza Hut ok.. And also Singapore is seriously so so so convenient and clean and greeny! The difference of just being a causeway away and yet they are so much more advance than our Malaysia. In short, I really like vacationing in Singapore! :D

    All my buyings! :D From this Singapore trip only. Mainly from Bugis Street.

    I heard that argan oil are good for the hair and I only see them in Singapore so.. Buy! And I super love the Victoria Secret body mist I picked up from the airport's duty free store! Smells so good!!

    And of course I love love love the earrings!!! They were so cheap!! 3 for $5 from Bugis Street :)

    Wheeeeee I is love my Singapore trips! BOTH of them! Not sure when will I get to writing about the other one with my family.. hmm..

    Thanks alot to Robin and Jo Ann for all their generous hospitality! The never failed to make us all feel comfortable ALL THE TIME! I feel so bad for all the food treats and seriously guys..., when you guys get back to Malaysia, on my turf, please let me pay and let me take you guys to wherever you wanna go!! 

    And lastly thank you to Robin's family for accommodating me! Robin's mum even said to me the night before I left that "I am always welcome to come over and stay and also to come over to have "bonding" sessions with her." So cute!

    Seriously THANK YOU SO MUCH to the both of them!!

    This little getaway trip with the girlfriends was perfect :) And we should really do this at least once a year! 

    Since I'll be heading back to Melbourne in 2 and a half days, I don't think I will be updating anymore until I get back to Melbourne. I have a full on schedule for the next 2 days because the remaining half a day doesn't count as I will only be spending it in the airport. 

    Tonight, I'll be having a potluck party at home with the close friends! Now, I gotta go prepare! Clean the house and then cook my specialty Claypot Chicken Rice :DDD

    Will be back as soon as I have the time :) Till then, ciao peeps!

    With love,
    sher xoxo.

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