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  1. Food Indulgence for the past 3 weeks.

    Tuesday, August 27, 2013


    For the past week I have been so busy and stressed out with the whole FYP thing at uni so for most days, all I want to do is go home the moment uni ends and just stay home do absolutely nothing at all. Which leaves me with all this things I haven't done that I was suppose to get them going last week...! )):

    I'll try to get to all of them tonight! :) Hopefully...

    Anyways, to get the weekly post out of the way, this week it'll be about the fooooood I have had since I got back 3 weeks plus ago. At least the ones that I managed to capture. Mostly on the eating out with someone and also my own kitchen experiments.

    Because when I am eating alone at uni, I couldn't be bothered to take a nice picture of it anymore because all I ever eat at uni is either sushi, dim sims, chicken croquette or more sushis. And when I am home, I hardly ever take picture of what aunty D cooks because I didn't want to look like "that girl who takes pictures of her food ALL THE TIME" altho I so totally am that girl! :DD HEHE

    Anyways, back to the foods! *In no particular order whatsoever* 

    andd one more thing...,

    Caution : Do not scroll down if you have a tint slightest bit of stomach growling from hunger because everything below is all about food and FOOD ONLY!

    Lunch @ Hardware Societe with Kylie and Cherly.
    Kylie ordered their special of the day.

    My seared scallops. It was alright... I had better seared scallops cooked in a different way from them.

    Cherly's baked eggs.

    Dinner one night @ Ajisen Ramen in Glen Waverly with Cherly and nic.
    Salmon sashimi for sides.

    And Gyu Tan(ox tongue) for sides as well.

    My Paiku Ramen.

    And dear's Tonkatsu Ramen.

    Dinnered with the boyfie, Jia Shen and Jake @ KimChi Grandma in Carnegie.
    The side dishes! I totally love them! But the sad thing about this place is that for each refill you'll have to pay $1 which is totally totally ridiculous!! Korean food side dishes refills are meant to be freeeeeee!!!

    Beef bulgogi.

    Seafood Casserole.

    Marinated beef ribs.

    Seafood Pancake. These were so good!

    I cooked Har Mee Hoon for dinner one night @ the boyfriend's.
    Looks good eh??? :D Totally have the really tasty and appetizing look I know... :P It may not exactly have been from scratch but it was close enough hehehe! And seriously tasted so yums!!

    I went for dinner and watched Wolverine with Teck Wei and his postgrad friends @ Chaddy. Which translates to PappaRich for dinner in a Malaysian in Melbourne term.
    Dried wantan mee with curry chicken. Normal, nothing much to shout about.

    And Ben&Jerrys chocolate fudge brownie for dessert!!! :D LOVEEEEE THIS ICE CREAM! MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE! I can never resist it if I see it :P

    We had Dominos Pizza delivered a couple of times for our dinner simply cause for those days, I either ran out of ingredients to cook with or I was just simply too lazy to cook :D
    3 pizzas, 2 garlic breads, and 2 sides.

    Jumbo Chicken wings.

    Chocolate Fudge Brownies for dessert! :D Me love me some chocolate dessert!

    I bought a groupon voucher for a 8 course japanese dinner for $55 for two person @ Bentoya.
    Salmon Carpaccio. A modern take on salmon sashimi with rice vinegarette and sake, sprinkled with cheese.

    And a bowl of Edamame.


    Vegetarian Croquette.

    Wafu Steak. Flame grilled porterhouse steak in goma(sesame) dressing.

    Miso fish hotpot.

    Japanese curry chicken.


    It was filling but... I wouldn't say that it is worth the money tho.. The food wasn't that great. Altho I must say at $22.50 per person, you can't really get much really really good japanese food in the city anyways. But still, I did somewhat enjoy dinner mostly because of my date, the boyfriend <3

    Brunched with Celine, Cherly and Gillian @ Auction Rooms.
    Nope.. I do not like anything on their menu... Nothing appeals to me at all... Like seriously. Maybe.. apart from the crumpets but they didn't have it that day.

    Am still a true fan of Soy Chai Lattes with Honey. Especially the ones that comes in the pot.

    Celine and Gillian ordered the tea smoked salmon on quinoa potato hash with braised greens and bearnaise sauce.

    My eight hour braised beef cheeks, roasted parsnip puree, fried eggs, beetroot relish and fresh horseradish. Total crap! I did not enjoy it AT ALL!

    Our meal. Cherly had their shady deal.

    It was my second time to Auction Rooms and I still don't like it! The first time it was bad enough, and this time it was worse.. To put me off even more, the wait is like ridiculous at 45 minutes or more for something not that great? Nope. Not coming back ever again.

    Decided to quickly cook up some lunch one day. I don't normally cook lunch but yeah sometimes I do :D
    Tom yum yee mee with all the other bits of ingredients that I could find from inside the fridge.

    Cooked fried rice for dinner a couple of days ago. I don't usually have veggies in my fried rice which is bad I know sooo I chopped in some french beans :D Technically the boyfriend chopped them because I simply don't like preparing the ingredients and so I get him to do them :P

    Had a 25% off voucher from the entertainment book for Yume Sushi @ Chadstone.
    And this is how much we grabbed for our lunch! Me and the boyfie are two crazy and ambitious people which ended up having to takeaway two boxes for dinner that night.

    And lastly,

    I made us brunch on Sunday! It is complete with a ham and cheese toast, hash browns, cheese kransky, two fried eggs and a bowl of mushroom soup! This is a serving for one so I made double :D Yeap... we eat that much. As if you can't already tell :P

    I am failing to succeed on losing weight because ever since I got back from Malaysia, I have been hungry almost all the time throughout the day and it has been bad for my numbers on the scale... =/ 

    I say that.. but I am doing nothing to make the numbers any better tho. People say #YOLO, I say "I am more happy than sad about it." Which pretty much sounds like the same thing haha 

    Food just makes me happy lahhhhhhh!!! Even the boyfriend was saying, "Next time if you're angry at whatever or at me, I'll just buy for you all of your favourite food and you'll instantly just light up with your goofy smile" HEHEHE I admit, that's true :D 

    I'll worry about the numbers on the scale tomorrow.. There are many more tomorrows to come! :DDD

    With love and big fat hugs,
    sher xoxo.

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