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  1. A quickie update!

    Tuesday, September 10, 2013

    Hey y'all!!

    I've been so busy... hardly have a proper time to sit down and write up a new post. Busy from uni work which I am totally swamped with from the fortnightly lab reportsS and also the final year project research and literature reviews. On top of all of the work, mummy dearest, pa, cousin sis and aunty jaime is here to visit!!

    So happy to have visitors! Especially having mummy dearest here! :)

    Mummy! ♥ 

    Andddd I just got back from Hobart, Tasmania yesterday. It was a weekend getaway trip with the family and the boyfriend :DDD The trip was awesome man! Short but super relaxing! And tassie is just too pretty!! Everywhere you go, you'll definitely see an awesome view!

    I have so much to update about but I simply don't have the time this week... ): Am busy with uni work right through Thursday then Friday till Sunday I'll be over at Lakes Entrance with the family and the boyfriend for another weekend getaway. That, I am looking forward to! Getaways are always nice :))))

    Just so you all don't know, this semester is crazy!! Work piles on and on non stop weih... And the subjects are tougher than ever...! Wanna cry also no time to cry man... =/

    Anyhoos, I promise to be back by next week folks! I always feel as tho I haven't done something and always keep thinking about it at the back of my mind whenever I don't update my blog weekly... And the last update was already two weeks ago.. Time just flies by too quickly! I need more time for everythinggggg!

    I update about things more often on my Instagram :) You people can check that out in the meantime while I get to writing up a proper post.. Bye for now!

    Ending this post with some of my favourite pictures taken during my Hobart trip! My love/favourite boy!! ♥  So glad to have him come together on this trip!

    Till the next write up, much love,

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