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    Wednesday, August 07, 2013


    I've been back to Melbourne for a couple of days already and after settling down nicely at the boyfriend's, I figured I should probably post a couple of things about My Winter Holidays in Malaysia.

    Slowly by slowly I hope I do get to some memorable events posts up. I can't possibly get into all of them all at once but I'll try :D Shall see whether my procrastination get to the best of me or not HEHE :P I way way freer now than I was in Malaysia for holidays but I am still as lazy. All I do now is disturb the boyfriend almost constantly and sleep and eat. That's it. The only difference is that my going out times in Malaysia is replaced by disturbing the boyfriend and spending time with him. HEHEHEHE

    Hmmm on a side note, I just finished watching the latest episode of Triumph in the Skies II and in my mind all I could think of is to go to Europe and with people I love. I want to share all my happy times with them. To me, there isn't a better feeling in the world than traveling the world with the people you love. Nothing better than that.

    Okok back to reality. Last Friday night, the night before I flew back here, I attended Jay Chou's concert with my cousin and his wife. And since then, I couldn't stop listening to his songs!! His playlist has been on repeat hehe :D

    And the funny part is I used to think he is not attractive altho he plays the instruments really well and is seriously super duper talented. Even after my first Jay Chou concert in 2008, the only thing that changed was I loved his songs more and that he looked super yeng when he plays the piano but still never found him that attractive until Last Friday. After seeing his whole new look in person, suddenly, he looked so attractive and yeng at any time during the concert! Not only just when he plays the piano... When he socialize with the crowd, when he sings those super lam songs, when he plays the guitar and of course when he plays the piano! He even have like a washboard abs already leh... Even more yeng and attractive lor! Sound so superficial la me HEHEHEH :P

    The first concert of his that I attended 5 years ago changed most of my impression on him and made me fell in love with his songs. But this second concert 5 days ago made me appreciate and feel every single word and melody of his songs even more!

    Altho the sound of my first Jay Chou concert @ Stadium Negara sounded better due to it being an outdoor venue, this second one felt nicer to me. Minus it being super duper loud because the sounds are all contained in an indoor venue and that my ears were tired out by the end of it. It was still nonetheless, a great night! :)

    I managed to sneak in my camera but only took pictures halfway through because the security people kept flashing their flashlight towards my direction thinking that I was recording the concert. But but, I did no recording at all! Just pictures! :D

    *The first half of the concert is all I managed to capture with my cammie*
    disclaimer : those close up shots of Jay Chou from the front are taken off from the net and the low quality pictures are from my humble crappy iPhone :)
    The whole concert was themed Pink and Purple. But I super love seeing all the lights when the stadium is dark. Super pretty!! It is like a sea of stars on land.

    This was my view from where I sat. It was up high but sorta near to the stage.

    Let the show begin! Blueeeeeee I like!!

    Look at his washboard abs!! Since when he had them?!?!??!! HAHAH

    While he was playing the piano to 安静. My favourite most favourite song of his! ♥ Before the concert I was wondering if he would sing this song because they were playing it at the outside of the stadium but turns out HE DID! I was seriously so happy and sang to every word of it! :) Plus he looked so mesmerizing while playing the piano!

    The guitar medley mashup part was my favourite. It was so nice!!

    The ending was fun!! Everyone were jumping on their feet to the song 陽光宅男 and there were balls all over the VIP and VVIP area that write "Jay" on them.

    And now, onto some videos of the concert that I want to share with you guys! These are the Singapore concert videos that I found on YouTube. I couldn't find any nice version the Malaysia concert ones so the singapore ones shall do. It was the same anyways :D

    *My most favourite song! 安静*

    *My most favourite part of the whole concert! The guitar medley of songs over the years. The mashup was so good!!*

    *The second most favourite part of the concert. The songs he played with the piano!*

    *The first song I've heard from Jay Chou when I was 10 years old, 开不了口. It was nice hearing it live after all these years!*

    *The ending song, 陽光宅男. It was really fun jumping up and down to it at the end!*

    It was a good night! :) A good pink night!

    I can't believe how much of Jay Chou's picture is up on this post. HEHEHE But he is seriously damn talented lah!! He is the perfect person to quote "talent isn't based on looks" about!

    Okla. I think I have expressed enough love towards Jay Chou already :P

    Now, I shall go do whatever I can do and just enjoy the remaining days of my holidays. I officially start my new semester next Monday! I know it is way later than other Australian unis but oh well :DD
    And ANDDD Stephanie is here in Melbourne for holidays! WHEEEEE happiness!!! I've waited so long for the day that she will come over and visit!!!!

    Shall be back to update whenever I could! Byeeeeeee :D

    Much love,

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