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    Monday, August 12, 2013

    Hey hey!

    I am back in my own room already... As usual, the usual thing I would say is that I am missing the noisiness of having the boyfie around. My room will always feel quiet after spending the days and nights with him for the past week. But but brightside, I'll be seeing him very soon! XD

    After being back home in Malaysia and after spending the past week with the boyfriend, coming back home to my own space seems rather quiet. Yes altho aunty D and J is around in the house but it just feels different. There isn't someone to keep up with my craziness and talkativeness at any time of the day. Mum isn't here for me to suddenly shout out "I am hungry...!" and we will either go out to tapao food or mum will cook supper for us. And the boyfriend isn't around for me to keep him company till 8am in the morning(like yesterday morning) or for any other purpose like watching a movie together or me watching him game and ask him about gaming terms and just simply annoy him or preparing a meal or ovening food at 4 in the morning.

    I do admit we are one of those crazy two people that stays up till 8am, eat crazy a lot of food at one go, annoy each other to the max and laugh crazy hard about it afterwards. All the crazy little things makes memories. Great memories. I may not be able to to list every single one of them but in my heart, I know, we made great memories together. And I think that should be all that mattered.

    Memories that I'll look back years on from now knowing that I was once at a special place and a special time. It is said that "The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you." And I couldn't agree more!

    My uni semester has just begun again and I am dreading every day of it. Simply because this will be my toughest semester thus far. With the final year projects and crazy micro controller programmings and digital signal and image processing, it is enough to kill me. And shake me to my core. I am already freaking out at my first day of this new semester. God, please give me strength to go through this tough phase. Thank you.

    And since I did promise some updates of My Winter Holidays @ Home, here I am! I'll be writing about what happened in the last five days before I left back for Melbourne.

    First up, Japanese dinner with Ferng Lin and Kah Tim. And it was Tim's treat :) So kind of him because we were equally or in fact more kind to him HAHAHA! *When I do start earning some money, I have to remember to treat all of these great people I have in my life! They have been such nice people towards me and when I am capable of it, I'll definitely reciprocate! To be the better friend! I always feel so bad for just accepting and not giving... ): SOOOOONNN peeps! Soon!*

    Dinner was at Xenri D'River View @ Wisma Elken on Old Klang Road.

    And I ordered their 6 course Japanese meal or more known as Kaiseki which means multi-course traditional meal in Japanese. And this very quaint traditional course dinner costs RM69.

    A cold appetizer. Tofu in a sour tangy sauce with jellyfish and tomatoes and sesames.

    My ultimate ULTIMATE favourite!! Sashimis!! So fresh and quite thickly cut! Salmon(my favourite), White Tuna(my second favourite) and King Fish and Tobikko. White Tuna are the bomb that comes after Salmon! Just so you know if you haven't try them before :D

    Chicken Roll. It was bland-ish but very crispy on the outside.

    It was some soupy thingy. All I remembered was, the soup was salty. Very salty. Kudos to presentation lah I guess. haha!

    My Unagi rice in a nice presentation. Tasted pretty good but portion abit small.. I guess for it being in a course dinner, it was at the right size. 

    Lastly, my scoop of matcha ice cream with red bean. Neh.. don't like the red bean. Never quite fancy red bean as much..

    My dinner company. Tim and Ferns! :)

    And they both ordered this set dinner. It was the crumbed salmon one. 

    And shared this Spider Roll together.

    After dinner, we adjourn back to my house for "keng kai" session till about 1 something in the morning. It was a good night! Considering that I was leaving back to Melbourne in the next couple of days, it was a really good catchup night.

    Number Two, potluck party slash Yao Yun's early surprise birthday mini celebration @ my house.

    I had a last minute plan of wanting a potluck party. Firstly was because I thought of gathering all of the close friends together and meet up with all of them one shot before I came back and secondly was to have an early celebration with YY because I knew I was going to miss her birthday. At that point of time, I did not know I was still going to see her after this potluck party so I wanted to sort of have a mini celebration with her before I left. Usually every year I would somehow celebrate with her and this year shouldn't be any different. So yeaps! :D It was successful in a way because she didn't see the cake coming at all XD

    There was so much food that night!

    Satay, Pizzas, Hokkien Mee, Sing Chao Mai, Sushi, Claypot Chicken Rice, KFC, Lasagna, Garlic Bread, Fruit Tarts and Blueberry Cheese Tarts, Fresh Fruits and Green Beans with Sago Tong Shui.

    And we somehow managed to finish almost all of it! :D Andddddddd so glad my own cooked Claypot Chicken Rice was a hit! Everyone loved it!! WHEEEEEE :DDD

    Some of them feasted before everyone arrived. Too hungry to wait :)

    By the time everyone arrived it was already like 830pm or so. When I specifically said 730pm.. =.=' Malaysian timing..

    And because Dickson and gf had to leave early, we decided to bring out the cake earlier for YY. When she just started digging into her KFCs. HEHEHE :P

    Sang her a birthday song and I am pretty sure she was surprised :D

    My cute and happy YY BB! :D 

    Make a wish.. And I sincerely hope they do come true for you! xx

    Happy early Birthday my dear! Love you lots and lots! <3

    Them.. just chilling..

    And a not so complete group picture. Dickson and Chow Ping, Loong and Estee, Barry and Ee Jun were there that night as well but they left earlier. THEM who I'll always love and treasure! My high school best buds.. and some of their plus ones :D

    Us girls. Friends since Form 1. And still going STRONGGGG!! They will always be there regardless and I'll always love them regardless :) *I had to black and white out the picture because it was sooooo red till I couldn't save it at all*

    After some of them working peeps left, we had a small drinking session that involved my cousin as well.

    They were at it with wines and beers for about two hours. Then Qihong had to leave at about 2am and that was already considered to be very late for him ok.. I have never seen him past midnight on a normal occasion before ok... HAHA! And then.., we did this..

     Trolling while they were KO-ing! SO FUNNY!!!!!

    After these two photos were taken, wei jun and ferns left for home after ferns had a short nap on my couch. Then Kit and Tim continued drinking wine and beer with my cousin till they were forbidden to go home because they drank too much. After two and a half bottles of wine and maybe about two or three bottles of beer, we didn't want them to drive home in that condition. We as in me and mum and cousin.

    So..... Jack(who had already fell asleep from earlier on the recliner), kit and tim stayed in my living room for the night. So random and I felt so bad that they were pulled into a drinking session and they had to overnight at my place. But I hope they had fun? :D

    Kit and tim slept at 330am and I had to wake them up at 8am cause kit had to go to work. Jack fetched kit home while tim just went back to sleep somemore. I seriously don't know how kit work for another 12 hours that day in such zombified condition man.. And it was partly my fault =X HEHE

    Third event to mention about...., Yao Yun's surprise party on the early hours of her birthday! I went straight to her house after the Jay Chou concert. It was a last minute decision to go because initially I thought I couldn't attend because of the concert and all which was why I had an earlier celebration with her first. But turns out I could! So I had my cousin pick Tim up along the way and dropped the both of us at YY's house.

    And guess what... I arrived about 1130pm knowing that YY is still out at dinner and we all waited till about 130am only she got home because KL decided to have strange traffic jams at ungodly hours and the time were skewed off abit.

    It was somewhat successful because she had no idea at all. But when she got into the house in the dark, she peeked into the living room and there we all were standing in a row in the dark. And she said "HOLY SHIT!" and we went... SURPRISEEEEEEE!!! :D and then the birthday song came HAHA! It was a very funny moment. It was, at that moment.. I think it still is :)

    It is a Chocolate Mousse cake from Serai specially ordered by a man who sounded in his thirties over the phone. And the cake was waiting with us the whole time till it started melting and the alphabets and decoration were falling off. But it was still a really nice cake!!

    The very happy birthday girl! With so many good special friends in her life :) So blessed and happy for her!!

    The surprise group :)

    And Michelle came back!! We girls got together since Form 3! It is sweet that we are still as close despite not seeing Michelle as often. So nice to always go home to such great friendships and bonds even after all these years!

    And of course Happy Birthday Yao Yun!! aka Loy(only to me) HAHA! So glad and so happy for you! Great things happens to great people! And you deserve all the good things that comes your way! xx :)

    Well.. at least I somehow did make it there and managed to celebrate with her! I'll always miss having her in Melbourne with me. ALWAYS! I am wondering if I took it for granted knowing she was here within reach last time and now, I am just missing her being around so much! T.T

    And lastly, a random food rant.

    *From Ah Yoke Hainanese Chicken Rice shop @ USJ11 nearby the Thai Restaurant*
    It is so gooooooood!! Especially eaten together with the ginger sauce thingy that they provide. SO GOOD!! They also serve the chickens with the more expensive kind of cucumber, the japanese cucumber, that won't be bitterish by luck like it usually do at the normal chicken rice stalls. This place is pricier but for a RM6 good chicken rice, I really don't mind paying! You pay a wee bit more and get better quality food.. Why not? :)

    And the uncle fries nice char kuey teow as well!

    OH OH AND ANOTHER THING THAT I HAVE TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL!!! WATCH THIS!!!!! SO GOOD AND SO PRETTY!!!!!!!! Thanks to ferns who shared this with me!

    50,000 pictures in a span of 6 months. OMG SO BRILLIANT RIGHT!

    So amazing right?!!??!?!?!!! I am seriously waiting and waiting *trying hard to be patiently* for the day that I'll step foot into New York City!

    I won't expect it to be the greatest and bestest city but I am just dying to witness this city for myself! I shall wait till the day I fulfil my dream... :)

    The next time I am back, I should be talking about meeting Steph in the Land Down Under :D And my food expeditions since I got back :) Signing off now! Byeeeee peeps!

    On the sidenote, Melbourne's weather was crazyyyyyy today! So freaking windy until trees and roofs were blown away. The crazy Melbourne weather... Nothing out of the ordinary but it's worth mentioning :D haha!

    Much love,

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