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  1. My 22nd Birthday Celebrations!

    Friday, July 19, 2013


    Sorry for the lack of updates!! I have been having too much fun and by the time I am home, I'll be too exhausted and all I will want to do is just lie in my blanket with the aircond on and just watched any shows of any kind. So lazy to even sit up straight and blog about the good time I have been having. And everything revolves around the word, FOOD!!! :DD All I do everyday is EAT and SLEEP like a big big pig HEHE :P

    I don't think I'll ever get to what I have been doing daily because I am taking the word HOLIDAY too literally and I am lazy all the time sooo....., the more memorable event updates will have to do for now! TEEHEE! :P

    Anyhoos, it was my birthday last Friday and I think I should commemorate on how I spent it :) I am now a 22 year old who still lazes around and eat like a fat slob :DDD

    Last Friday, on the 12 of July,

    I had a celebration with the family at my house. A small little potluck session and a gathering to meet up with the family and relatives. Family gatherings are important to me. Every single time I come home, I always tend to try and meet up with as many of them as I could. After all, life is very short. All I could do is treasure them whenever I could. So glad to see everyone healthy, well and happy!

    The night started with a very pretty coloured sky!

    It was purpleeeeee!! SO COOL AND PRETTY!! #noedit

    Then people started to arrive one by one and the rain also started to come by as well. It was a family gathering for about 30 pax? And I think we over estimated the capability of everyone's tummy. We had too much food and therefore leftover that lasted us another two meals.

    Some of the food. There were also fried chicken and mutton curry from wong soon kee but for some reason I forgot to take picture of them. And then there were also lamb satay. Total of 130 sticks of satays.

    My birthday cake! :)

    A really yums Red Velvet cake but with white chocolate coating instead of the conventional cream cheese coat.

    *some of the pictures. only those that I look decent in HEHEHE :P*
    Beloved pa and my por por!

    Mummy dearest! <3 Thanks for everything mi! Without you, I'll never be where I am today and I love you more than words can ever describe!

    Little J Boy! Look at his very VERY long eyelashes!! Your "ku che", me, super envy you! Anddd he has like a natural lightish brown hair! No fair.. 

    My birthday present to myself :) New pancake lens! WHEEEEE! So far, I am very happy with it!

    Skype session with the boyfie. Almost every year, he couldn't celebrate with me....): How saddd right.. But but, to make up for the distance in between us, he sang a birthday song for me :DDD And instantly, I had a wide smile on my face! LOVE YOU LOTS BII!! 

    Sunday, 14th of July,

    Had a belated celebration with some friends. I didn't make it as though it was a birthday celebration. It was more like a dinner night out with some friends who are free to chill together over nice food :)

    I decided on Jarrod & Rawlins @ AmpWalk! I always pass by the place and I think I first heard it from my mum because she always patronise good food places! Plus I've always been saying to myself, I want to go and try it out. And so, we did!

    But the place is pretty deserted because if no one knows where AmpWalk is, you'll prolly miss the mall as it is pretty old and there really isn't much in there. I think the only reason it is opened there is because Jalan Ampang is where all the embassies are and basically an area where the fine food and wine will be appreciated. 

    The five of us were the only people in the restaurant altho later on a couple came in but we literally took it as tho we were the only ones there because we were a constant chatterbox! Talking and laughing and laughing loudly, non stop! Altho, it may give you an impression that it is a not very nice restaurant due to it's quietness, but.. the food was awesome! 

    Super love my new lens! Look at that creamy background and the bokeh! Altho a 1.8 would be better but it'll cost me a thousand bucks more... ): Anyhoos, I am happy with this 2.8 already!! One day... ONE DAY a 1.8 lens will be in my hands! For sure!

    My dinner companies and yours truly :)

    This shall be up as my new facebook profile picture! :DDD

    *here comes all the foooood we had!*
    Steph's mushroom soup. Nice!

    Our deli platter to share! SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!! We finished it in less than 10 minutes. Everyone just went digging in with their forks and omnomnom-ing away! Before I even realised, everything was gone! Poof-ed!

    We had some mashed potatoes along with our deli platter. Nice too!

    Jun and YY ordered their schnitzel.

    Ferns' chicken something something.. I can't remember what it was HEHE

    My medium rare steak sandwich! Yums but too big portion for me. I only ate one and the other I gave it to ferns. HAHA! The bread was soft and the sauce was nice. The meat was juicy but a tad bit stringy but overall, it was good!

    A polaroid each to be kept and reminded always on our friendship. 11 years and counting!!! <3<3

    They will always and forever be in my life!

    Through the crazy and everything! I seriously couldn't stop laughing at myself in this picture!! Our cuckooness!! :DD

    Them whacky boys..

    The Rocket. An inside joke (:

    US! Dinner was niceeeeee :)

    After dinner we decided to head to Sky Bar for drinks. Or more like I wanted to go. HAHA!

    We didn't get to seat over at the windows that faces the twin tower because it was fully occupied and even if it is vacant, it has the reserved sign on it. The view on the other side is seriously my favourite! One day, I'll come back withe the boyfie and some close friends and just chill there and enjoy the view outside again. 

    This was how awesome the view is on the other side! I have to be back again and capture it with my camera! The last time I was here, the view was captured with my iPhone because my cammie was in surgery.. ):

    Me and YY shared their Jumbo sized Raspberry Mojito.

    We sat there till after 12am. After all, it was a Sunday night and Jun and YY needed to get to work the next morning. Thank you for the awesome night out peeps!

    I think I have grown out of the hype of celebrating my birthday with a big bang. I prefer simple conventional wishes and a gathering with the family and lastly a small small celebration with the close friends. I am liking it simple and spontaneous :D

    My outfit of the night!
    Lace dress: Su-estilo
    Studded Clutch: Dotti
    Spiked Heels: Dotti
    Accessories: Lovisa

    Uber love my outfit! Cobalt blue, lace, studs and spikes!

    I am not sure when I'll be back to update again because I have a full on schedule till next Sunday... I'll update whenever I could and whenever I decide to not be lazy lah ok?

    Because this Saturday morning I'll be flying to Singapore for 4 days and spending time with the girlfriends and their plus ones. My plus one is in Melbourne.. ): And then next Friday I am going down to Singapore AGAIN with the family till Sunday. And then, the following week's Saturday, I will be heading back to Melbourne already..

    Altho I am looking forward to see the boyfriend, I am not looking forward to leave Malaysia yet.. not looking forward to the end of my holidays yet...! 2 weeks till I am back to Melbourne and almost 3 weeks till my new semester begins... ): hmm hmm

    Wokays, time for bed! Heading out to Aman Suria's Betty's Midwest Kitchen for lunch with the boys tomorrow! I am on a food hunt! Without fail, everytime I come back from Melbourne, I'll definitely be on food hunts! HEHEHE fat die me but NEVERMIND! I am determined to lose the weight I gain when I get back to Melbourne :D

    Goodnight y'all!

    sher xoxo.

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