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  1. wanted to. seriously.

    Monday, April 04, 2011

    hello hello! i am back!

    i have been really slacking on the blogging. hehe sorry! during the weekdays all i do is go to uni and come back home. nothing very interesting to write about. and last friday i was at MA till today only i came home.

    and at MA, i don't really get much time to blog. so yea... that explains the no update part.

    hmmm i should begin with friday. that is when my whole weekend starts. (:


    woke up early to head over to uni to hand in an assignment.

    had smoked salmon on bread for brekkie.

    it was my brekkie for like 3 mornings already. and me likey likey! ((:

    after going to uni i headed over to MA. about 6 plus left to go down to the city. and had rose garden for dinner. finally had the chicken omelette on rice ((((:

    then walked over to raymond's place, lazed around while waiting for the boys to bath after playing basketball then took a train and headed over to south yarra.

    for...... cafe greco's mudcake! yumsssss!!

    heaven on earth! =D

    marz bar cheesecake which i remembered it to be so much better before.. hmm or is it the too long not eating thing that i don't recall it was this soft? but still taste good.

    had 5 slices of cake to share. 2 slices of mud cake, marz bar cheesecake, sticky date pudding and hazelnut meringue.

    i basically only touched the mud cake and the marz bar cheesecake.

    $6 each for the 8 of us. me, teck wei, cherly, jia shen, shu hua, raymond, vicki and jeremy. i was uber satisfied that night! i've been craving for greco's mud cake since i was in malaysia for holidays ler...


    went to chadstone to catch a movie with teck wei.

    battle los angeles. its quite nice.

    the storyline is not as good la. but the team spirit and survival spirit of the marines to fight and survive was good. more like a war like movie.

    then went groceries shopping abit then headed back to MA. sat down for like 20 minutes then went out again. this time along with khai shien. the three of us was going over to loong's for potluck.

    i went to south yarra to take away some food, khai shien bought drinks and teck wei bought ice cream. and then met up with celine in the city which she brought pasta and then took a tram down and off to loong's.

    i loveeeeee his place.

    the view is damn nice (: from the 35th floor.

    i can sit there all night staring at it. haha!

    we then went to liquorland at coles to buy liquor while loong and his sis, sheng nee was still doing some cooking.

    makan time (:

    then then we had drinking session.

    it was fun!

    like so so fun! and we finished the whole bottle of jack daniels among the 6 of us. i don't think i've been to a drinking session that we finish up the whole bottle before.

    it was good times man (:

    then took the 1130pm train back to clayton. omg i tell you, lim khai shien talks so much when he gets high on alcohol. its not that he is drunk but high. he talks like continuously non stop man. ahahah!

    i went back to MA then ko already. haha


    whole afternoon at MA. cause by the time i got up also like 12 plus already. hehe then just spent my time studying for my test. well not continuous study la that i can say. ahah!

    was suppose to come back home on sunday but then i didn't. and jia shen came over too. so went out to glen waverley for dinner.

    petaling street's nasi pattaya. quite nice ler.. haha!

    then had bubble tea. nice nice! me likey bubble tea! (: after that was groceries shopping at coles. then headed back. was back at about 10 ish. and lazed around at khai shien's room.

    got him to teach me maths. ahaha!

    then i dozed off about 1 something 2? woke up about 8 something. then slept back about 10 something till 11 plus. finally woke for good at 1145am and got ready.

    had to head out and get to class in uni at 130pm. had a packet of smiths salt and vinegar for brekkie. haha! ate in on my way to uni.

    i was just doing what i've been told. "help yourself with the chips" ahah!

    uni was alright. home by about 4pm.

    the daylight saving just ended yesterday. i so don't like it! it gets dark like so early. don't like don't like!

    hmmm.. that's pretty much it. it was a good weekend la (: i liked everything about it. haha

    now off to studying for networking test tomorrow. byeeeeeeee!

    oooo and happy birthday my dearest friend tang kah tim! happy 21st!! =DD

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

    to the forehead is really sweet and cute. especially before saying goodbye (: me likey.

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