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  1. in love with an old friend.

    Friday, April 15, 2011

    now i only blog once a week. i knoww... time has been flying by like nobodys business and before i know it, its the weekends already. its going too fast! please slow down a little? neh wishful thinking...

    soo, today is the first friday that i am home in the afternoon. ever since i got back to melbourne from malaysia, i haven't been home on friday afternoons. i'll usually be at MA. but today... i got lazy. heh =P so stayed home instead and did cleaning. "autumn" cleaning. haha!

    did vacuuming, laundry, changing sheets, and toilet cleaning. its about time for all of that.

    my room carpets feels so much better now =DD

    after all that cleaning, i only ate lunch at about 3 something.

    had aunty D's fried noodles from last night for lunch ((:

    then was watching endless love, antm and grace under fire. and before i knew it, it was time for dinner. had nice meatballs for dinner tonight. yumms!

    tomorrow i'll be over at MA till monday before i get back. cause there will be a steamboat at loong's place tomorrow so yea i kinda have to stay out if not i'll miss out on all the fun.

    i am sure it'll be fun tomorrow! looking forward! its nice having gatherings once in a while where everybody sort of get together sit down and eat and chit chat and just have some fun ((: me likey..

    now, i am off to bones and vampire diaries. then sleep. and hopefully wake to do another round of laundry. this time for my dark coloured clothes. denims, black tees etc.

    good night people!

    i'll be back with updates about the weekend on monday!

    till then, xx NA.

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