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    Friday, April 29, 2011


    sydney will come in the next post.. i have to get to the earlier stuff that happened before i went to sydney. hehe

    this was like last friday night. before that was steamboat over at raymond's. just kept on eating eating and eating. hehe

    then went over to Lion in melbourne central for a drink.

    took a cab back to jia shen's cause there weren't anymore trains running. then got jia shen to send us back to MA for a surprise celebration for him which became a failed surprise. ahah!

    my good friend, low jia shen turned 21! *loves* good good friend ((:

    after that just chilled and watched gun metal grey and just crashed on the bed.

    saturday i had a lunch then was yumcha at old town kopitiam with teck wei, wei nian, tek yit and jeremy at first which he left earlier. while everyone else went for some MASCA meeting thingy.

    i think we sat there for like 2 hours?

    had teh o ais limau. miss it!

    dinner was with jo ann and robin who came visiting form canberra. a bunch of us. me, teck wei, khai shien, yao yun aka zoe, loong aka benjamin! (HAH!) and jo and robin.

    first up rose garden.

    meet benjamin loo and zoe loy (: HAHA!

    only jo ann can capture him smiling with his teeth.

    don't know whats teck wei up to. apparently he anti khai shien when it comes to taking picture with him. haha!

    then dessert at south yarra. grecos!

    i was trying to move robin cause i wanted to sit beside loong and..

    whack him! cause he kept insulting me. now he insult me once, i tell estee once. hehe (: and no insulting in two months =DD

    it was just really good catching up times. as usual i'll be gossiping and bitching about people. we talked about everybody if there was anything to talk about. hahah! the boys was saying that it was gossip girl season 1 up to 6. HAHA!

    then went back with khai shien and teck wei. headed to oakleigh first cause the boys needed to get groceries and most importantly is teck wei needed to stock up his chips. ahah!

    after that was just chilling at MA.

    sunday night was a gathering with the s9. cause chee xun was in melbourne. unfortunately i have no pictures whatsoever from that night.

    basically it was just us waiting for chee xun for about 45 mins then walking to some vegetarian restaurant at chinatown which then finding out the shop doesn't exist anymore. finally settled down at chilli cafe on russell street.

    chilli fried rice and ice lemon tea (:

    chee xun treated me dinner for helping him getting MU tickets when i was in working in nike the last time. hehe and he also bought apple strudel for us from perth which happens to be really famous as the shop is only in perth.

    left to yao yun's about 9 something. then me, teck wei and yao yun took a train and got aunty D to fetch us home. spent that night skyping with tim, chit chatted, watching gun metal grey and ended up sleeping at 1 something in the morning.

    and woke up at 430am got ready and then headed to the airport.

    everything after that comes in the next post or maybe the next next one? i am heading out tomorrow and will be spending a night at MA which means i'll only be back on sunday. so yeaa.. will see when the sydney post comes up. hehe

    i know i am lazy when it comes to posting long post. hehe

    hmmmm me is now stressing on where to apply my internship. and my exam timetable sucks max. i have one paper on the 4th of june, one on the 6th and two papers on the 11th!! two freaking papers in one day... HELP!!

    4 papers in a week. then i got like a week and a bit before my winter classes starts. and in this one week plus people are still with exams. teck wei only finishes when my winter classes starts )): no fun gehh..

    kla back to american idol. when this easter breaks ends for me this sunday, i gotta buck up on those studies already.. sighh

    ciao peeps!


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