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  1. so much for wanting to wake up early and study for my networking test this morning. set alarm at 7am but snoozed all the way till 930am. HAHA!

    left for uni about 10am and sat for the test.

    heheee =DD

    2 something i was already home.

    cooked myself a packet of indomie and reheated the last turkey sausage from last night's dinner and watched Burlesque.

    i love it!!

    christina aguilera is so hot!! like seriously.. pretty and hot! plus her voice is OMGGGG damn powerful. love her (: kristen bell was in the movie too. but i prefer her being blonde tho. the guys? eric dane from greys anatomy (: i find him sexy. haha! well, for me the eye candy in the movie is cam gigandet. i find him soo hot! wayy back since he was in the OC =PP

    yesterday night when i was suppose to be studying for the test i took a one a half hour break watching the black swan.

    i actually quite like the show.

    haha! yeaaa its different and weird in a way but i somehow did like the way the character portrait to be. and natalie portman is really pretty in my opinion ((:

    hmmm... now i gotta get to my management homework. no fun ): hmm maybe i'll slot in an episode or either private practice or grey's anatomy la ((: HAHA!

    i am looking forward to the weekend already.....

    aiyoo... i am soooo full from tonight's dinner. aunty D cooked carbonara which i had one and a half plates and seasoned steamed zucchini. yums!

    haha kla nites la. ciao.

    with love,

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