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    Thursday, April 28, 2011

    loveeeeee sydney at night. its so beautiful. so beautiful to cruise along the harbour. love it!
    whats more to ask for than who i am with and where i was (:

    i am back from sydney!!

    the trip was good. like fun good ((: i went abit cuckoo during the trip. start being infected and influenced to say all sorts of things i don't usually say nor do.

    had awesome awesome food. walking around sydney. i love city. i can say now, i'll definitely be back. just to roam around the city.

    weather was really crappy. and the rain and everything just ruins the plans.

    everything was an experience. including the flight cancellation i had to go through last night. but it was settled. painfully pricey. but settled. and yet till the end, i love my sydney trip.

    most of the time it was just me, yao yun and teck wei during this trip but i would say out loud that i am glad i went with the both of them. it was fun times (: the bonding, the random night youtubing, the sleep in till 2pm, the alarm buzzing in yao yun's ears and all that fun.. everything was nice =D

    i would do a more detailed post tomorrow as now, my series catch up is at the number one priority.

    this is just to let all ya'll know, me is back at home!

    and maybe a slight update about what i did today. basically just sleeping in till like 12 something. cooked lunch, watched gun metal grey and then sending teck wei down to the city and came home and dinnered and just catching up on the series i've missed which now includes american idol (:

    now, vampire diaries and one tree hill time. ciao.

    much love,
    sher xoxoxo.

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