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  1. looking forward to leaving at 930am.

    Wednesday, April 06, 2011

    slept so much last night. woke up at 1130am this morning. and had lots of time to prepare before heading out at 1245pm.

    first thing, prepared brekkie (:

    fried an egg and popped a slice of cheese on the top while still on the pan. and then toasted two slices of bread ((: i haven't had this for breakfast in a longggg time.

    watch some show and then headed out. while looking at the bus approach the bus stop near my house, i remembered i forgot my phone. ): left it in the room with my jammies on it... the entire time i was out, i felt so lost without it =/

    eventually couldn't time myself properly to catch the bus home as i am too relied on the metlink app, i haven't really been properly remembering the correct time of the train to take in order to catch the bus )):

    was home at 5pm.

    from then till now, blehh nothing very significant to write about. haha

    my new addition to my accessories family!
    loveeee the rings and my first doggy tag necklace (:
    $3 each. super cheap!

    hehe =D

    much love,

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