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  1. want somemore.

    Thursday, April 21, 2011

    ended up sleeping at 530am this morning. was caught up with something and instantly fell dead asleep right after. till aunty D woke me up about 1 ish in the afternoon cause we were going to highpoint.

    yeaa present hunting was successful (: which is good. and the phrase that comes up after this is so just typical me typical girl. i bought something too :P

    shorts and cross body bag from sportsgirl (:

    was in highpoint till i think 4 something? then went to coles cause i wanted potato chips. so had aunty D drove me to the one in essendon.

    well i bought 4 packets. but when this picture was taken, one packet was happily inside my stomach. ahah! spent $10 on chips. haha

    got home and gun metal greying till like now. well dinner break in between but yea. fyi, its a tvb series. not some game or whatever.

    sighh i am having headaches... might go to bed early tonight. tomorrow should be staying home. don't have that feeling to go anywhere tho there is somewhere i wanna be at. but yea..

    saturday should be spending a night at MA cause i am likely to go dinner with joann and then sunday night dinner with s9s (: looking forward to my long long weekend. sydney monday morning (((:

    hmmm.. i am like dilemmaing over something right now. i wanna go but its awkward but going its awkward too. tell me what to do? sighh.. see how when the time comes.

    for now, i think i need some sleep.

    not feeling very "me" tonight. for some reason...


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