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    Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    today was such a gloomy day. woke up my room felt like it was 6 something in the morning where yeaa there is light but not bright enough kinda thing. and i woke up at 11am. so yea.. pretty damn miserable la the weather today..

    about 6 ish i went out with aunty D to the good guys' VIP sale. but before leaving the house i was cleaning up the noodles box where we keep our instant noodles. cause apparently there is a rat in the house and its nibbling off the noodles and making little holes. creepy much? HAHA

    so yea went out to good guys and bought some electrical stuff as a favour to teck wei. he needs to start having a proper kitchen and proper meal. start by becoming an amateur chef first.. my dear (:

    after that me and aunty D went for thai food at north essendon. it was like pouring rain and we figured some hot and spicy meal would be good for a chilly day.

    had it at a restaurant called the emerald buddha?

    ooo the tom yum prawns was niceeee.

    stir fried mince chicken with basil. ermm.. it was okay but hated the bamboo shoots. me no likey bamboo shoots ever....!

    stir fried soft shell crab with curry powder and vegetables.

    papaya salad. this is yummmms! me likey likey ((:

    dinner came to about $62.30.. hm.. was so so full after that! i had pretty heavy meals today. first was two packet of indomie for lunch and then heavy heavy dinner.. nice heavy dinner ((: haah! after dinner went over to aunty D's friend's place. by like 9 something i was home and was busy printing out boarding passes as i checked us in for our flights to sydney and return already (:

    oh and my easter break starts tomorrow! YAY! going highpoint with aunty D tomorrow. going present hunting. ((: i haven't been to highpoint since i got back. i miss the place! wheee :PPP

    klaa.. i am back to watching gun metal grey. and maybe harass someone by text simply cause i can't harass by msn. hehee

    oh and have i mention i looooooovvvvvvveeeeee one tree hill? haha!

    goodnight dearies!

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

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