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    Sunday, April 10, 2011

    hehe hiii....

    i know now i practically blogging once a week or twice tops. sorry sorry! weekdays are pretty much just routined uni and home and shows and "studies" and thats it. nothing very interesting. so yea..


    i shall start with friday (:

    went over to MA as usual.. then just lazed around, studied abit and had Maccas for lunch with teck wei, cherly and jia shen. maccas is the term for McD here in aussieland. so yea (:

    i wanted angus the great but its no longer available.. )): instead i settled down with mighty angus. $6.75

    then went back to MA just hanged out in cherly's room till it was like time to go out for dinner in the city. the five of us, me, teck wei, khai shien, cherly and jia shen headed down to the city about 6 plus and had dinner at jalan alor along with raymond, shu hua, jeremy, jones and was joined later by hsini, by and vicki.

    teck wei's nasi belacan. it taste good but the portion is really small cause its stuffed inside a medium sized coconut and you are paying $12 for it...

    my char kuey teow. hmmm the taste is not bad but i don't like the texture of the kuey teow. nothing beats kuey teow from home.. and this cost me $10...

    after dinner i had to ciao. got home also about 9 plus already.. then studied my stupid maths.. and ended up sleeping about 3 plus.

    saturday morning, 9 ish i left to MA again. had cherly to teach me on my management work and had khai shien to cook korean noodles for me for my lunch.. hehe ((: then it was raining and i was sorta stranded there cause of the non-stop rain.. so i crashed over and didn't come back home. haha

    then had maccas for dinner with jia shen surprising cherly by fetching us over to maccas instead of us walking in the rain and squeezed 6 of us in the car. me, teck wei, khai shien and sean at the back..

    this time, double quarter pounder. omg so niceeee! i didn't know that till i tried jia shen's the day before. hahaha $6.45 (:

    after dinner just hanged out at MA's carpark then moved to khai shien's room. seeing them play monopoly deal and then had pau (: ended up sleeping about 3 something yesterday. i remembered i had a packet of smiths thai sweet chilli before i went to bed.

    hehehehe my new current favourite. smiths thai sweet chilli ((: well i didn't really eat the whole packet la.. and became someone's smiths feeding machine. haha what a name..

    woke up about 1 something this afternoon. then had maggi over in cherly's room along with teck wei, jia shen and khai shien dropped by later. chit chat and then went over to teck wei's room and helped him abit on his lab report. i was reading the words out loud while he typed. haha not bad timing for 1200 plus words in an hour (: or less..

    about 6pm left out to nando's for dinner with the four of them.

    not too bad eh. $6.50 per person. a whole chicken, large bowl of fries and 6 dinner rolls.

    after dinner had them escorting me to the bus loop to wait for my bus. awww how nice right my friends.. =DD was home by 9 plus.

    tonight feels so cold. i wanna go to bed already. emoing over what someone said... so not fun ):

    i'll wake up earlier tomorrow and study for my test la. i so don't like you fourier series.. this sem maths seems hard ):

    klaaa nitey nite!

    lots of love,

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