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  1. hi hi..!

    i just slept for 3 hours since 830pm and now i am not completely awake yet. had a wake up call at 10pm from teck wei which i made him do it before i went to bed but i was just still too tired to pull myself up from bed. till i knew i had to wake up simply cause i can't be sleeping at 830pm till the next day and maybe i have some work to do hehe plus it was really hot in bed. so yea now i am awake (:

    well.... not fully yet.. (:

    i guess if i took a picture with my phone on a particular day then i'll blog. so yea part of the reason i've not been blogging very much is caused i haven't been taking pictures much as there really isn't anything to snap of. haha

    anyways.. i was up at 945am this morning. then left the house at 10am. by the time i got to uni was an hour and a half later. and i had a mid semester skills test today. and also VLSM test. pretty sure my VLSM was a pass but the skills test hmmm i am not sure tho most of the things are working properly just somehow the PC isn't pinging to anything =/ anyways.. it is just 3 stupid marks. doesn't make much of a difference.

    went to Haddons on campus and bought myself a vege mini roll during break. $3

    i finish the VLSM test earlier so i left uni at about 2pm? by the time i was home was close to 330 already..

    then got home was watching first episode of the tvb show gun metal grey. it is an old show la just that i downloaded it sometime ago. then was downloading the new episodes of 90210 and gossip girl.

    had it done downloading fairly quick so i was watching right after. and also while having dinner at 6pm which was instant wanton mee noodle soup ((:

    then aunty D got home, i was eating chocolate ice cream with her. haha!

    tomorrow will be my last day of class before my easter break. my break starts on thursday and next thursday i'll be resuming back my classes. since i only have one significant class on thursday i am replacing it to tomorrow so that it'll have a break till next sunday instead =DD

    looking forward to the holidays man!! sydney here we come!! and jia shen's birthday is this weekend. umm... chee xun will be here in melbourne.

    hmm.. i am just gonna have fun for this break and then gotta start studying already. i think finals is in like a month and a half... ))):

    oh and i just checked my winter term timetable. i have classes everyday from 930am to 130pm except thursdays. thursdays i don't have classes. but but... in such a cold weather, i gotta wake at 745am everyday... ))): torture man.... )))):

    kla.. now that i am awake and nobody is replying me on msn, i think they are out at maccas, i shall go do some work and then maybe watch series.

    i know i watch series like how a guy plays his games. hehe =D

    goodnight people!

    ooo me can't wait for all new episode of one tree hill tomorrow!! hehehe love love the show (((:

    chill out yo!


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