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    Monday, April 18, 2011

    sssssupp peeps!

    me is back (:

    hmmm okayy... let me start with.. saturday.

    woke up earlier that morning to do another load of laundry. then about 1130am i left to MA. by the time reach also 130pm. just lazed around. chit chat with cherly, play with my phone, fell asleep on the chair and then lied on the bed for like 30 minutes. cause the night before i only slept less than 6 hours. hehe

    about 6 something me, teck wei and khai shien left to the city to get to loong's place for steamboat. we were there at about 710pm.

    fooooooooood!! awesome!! and nicee!!

    we as in me, teck wei, khai shien, loong and sheng nee ate first cause we were too hungry waiting for yao yun and celine to get there. and jia shen went out to somewhere so we went on eating without him.

    i was so so so full! but damn nice. and i can assure you i ate like super duper alot! hehee yumsss laaaaaaa!! both tom yum soup base and the clear chicken stock soup base also niceeee!

    after that we had our drinking session as usual. this time was Johnnie Walker Red Label. and we finished up the bottle again. still got one bottle of Jim Beam in loong's cupboard waiting.

    then left back to MA with khai shien and teck wei at about 1130pm. by the time got back also 12 something 1 already.


    woke up at 2 something in the afternoon. HAHA! then ordered dominos with teck wei and khai shien. cause cherly went out for lunch.

    we only had our dominos i think at 5pm? the delivery guy came knocking on the door gave us a shock on how he got in into MA. haha

    damn nice!

    me likey likey dominos. damn alot of "liu". yum yum! for the three of us, two pizza, two garlic breads. $8 per person. okla...

    i love the dominos online order thing. so cool! can add stuff remove stuff however you like. awesome!

    was so full after that. then i was watching supernatural and grace under fire's latest episode that teck wei helped me to download. i think about 8 ish? jia shen drove by with cherly and brought me, khai shien and teck wei out to chadstone's coles to get grocery. well technically is cherly, teck wei and khai shien needed to get stuff la.

    all i got was a bottle of nestea and a pack of red rock deli chips. hehe

    then got back about 10 ish 11 i think? i was watching a stupid show called 127 hours. stupid stupid! watched 30 mins of it. and then fast forwarded right till the end. basically its just about him and his stupid hand being trapped and then cutting it off by himself. stupid show! but teck wei temaned me watch for like close to 30 mins tho. hehe

    which then later i decided to watch the Notebook. had teck wei to teman me watch bits and pieces of it too. cause he was busy studying. so yea..

    then then..

    cherly made pancakes. hahah!

    she so cute la. i know she had fun making them. AHAH! me love the sara lee ultra chocolate ice cream. eheh

    ended up sleeping close to 3am.

    woke up at 1130am today. then about 12pm i left MA to get to uni. uni was so so la. then after that i dropped by moonee ponds to get to reject shop cause i needa buy a big box. it was so not fun walking around for like an hour plus with a heavy handbag and with my clothes bag... )):

    by the time i was home also close to 5pm already.

    the box i bought today for $8. big enough to keep my flip flop and flats. and the box is now full already. hehe

    mua room (:

    i just finished up grace under fire. nice show (: now i needa go write some stuff in my LAN principles journal. tomorrow got a test. then maybe off to bed? shall see how.

    just to post up how i have been looking like lately.
    looking tired as always. the eye bags.. i know... and the dark circles too ))):

    goodnight dearies!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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