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  1. i am back home after a nice weekend out (: will blog about the weekends tomorrow. now, as promise, my sydney trip post! =DD

    soooo we left to the airport on 25th, monday morning at 515am.

    then figured out tiger airways has its own terminal somewhere outside the usual terminals at the airport. and the terminal is really really budget. like 10 times worse than lcct. that morning with only 3 hours of sleep earlier, we were too exhausted to take any pictures at all. don't think it ever crossed our minds to even take any pictures.

    we landed in sydney airport about 830am? then took a cab to Central station and waited for celine. once she arrived, we then took another cab and headed over to Danks street for cafe style breakfast.

    the place.

    i forgot whats this called but the poached eggs look like scrotums. don't you think so? HAHA!

    basil and goats cheese omelette.

    a bowl of hot chocolate. which i think it was pretty good (:

    breakkie that morning was expensive. that two plates was at average of $20 each. expensive kan? but well... i enjoyed it. so its okay la (:

    then hopped onto a random bus and wanted to get to westfield in the city.

    just randomly walked around. then some fella was handing out flyers saying chatime have buy one free one in the westfield outlet cause its new. we being bubble tea fans, can never say no to buy one free one deals. hehe =P

    my taiwan mango QQ add pearl. yums man!! super love it!

    it was starting to get close to 2pm which was our check in time. instead of walking to our hotel with all of our luggage and it being rainy and wet, we decided to catch the monorail.

    expensive but quite cool ((: $5 for an experience which lasted less than 10 minutes. okla...

    the monorail stop was like just outside of our apartment. i checked us in and then headed up to our room.

    two single beds cause it was suppose to be for two but we kinda sneak 3 in. hehe!




    laundry area.

    basically for $76 per person for two nights, i really like our room. clean and new and comfy. and the location is pretty central. which is convenient. its the Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments on darling harbour ((:

    then the four of us walked out the Pyrmont Fish Market which was like 10 minutes away for lunch. cause celine's friends, jing, justin and jowee was already there waiting for us.

    seafood platter for 2. i think it was $32.50?

    the four of us shared. cause the rest have already eaten. but i personally don't think its that nice...

    now, this is awesome! like A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! super fresh and cheap.

    omg loves man! i ate like so much sashimi that day and ate nothing else but the shared platter. i love love the sashimi man... and the salmon was so so fresh! hehe i know i am abit excited right now.. hehe

    after all the food at the fish market, we took about and stopped at the town hall and then went to the Queen Victoria Building then walked to Circular Quay. to see the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

    looks pretty at night. love the lights!

    then we took the ferry back to darling harbour cause we were having a dinner with teck wei's sister and husband and his cousin at 8pm. so we kinda like have to rush back to our apartment and change and then walk down to the restaurant. so yea we took the ferry which i don't regret taking. love it!!

    dinner was at Hurricanes Grill in harbourside shopping mall on darling harbour. only me and yao yun joined teck wei for dinner.

    didn't take any picture at dinner. simply cause didn't wanna look like some jakun infront of them by snapping pictures of each plate of food. haha! it was teck wei's cousin's treat that night.

    by the time we were like done with dinner was like maybe 10 plus 11? and by that time, we were super duper exhausted cause of the lack of sleep and just wanted to go back to our apartment and sleep. ahah!

    i think i slept before 12 that night.

    tuesday, 26th, we woke up at 2pm that day. felt so good just sleeping in while it was raining outside. i know it may seem pretty wasted that we slept till so late but it was so relaxing la okay.. haha!

    then we walked out to westfield to meet up with celine and her friends cause all of us was gonna head to the Art Gallery. but before that, we had another round of Chatime. yums yums still! i think this time, i had Grape Yaleto with Jelly which i forgot to take picture of. hehe

    after that, off we walked to the art gallery. and just spent like an hour there. we all went separate ways in the gallery and i just went random walking each floor with teck wei. not that i know how to appreciate whatever that is in there. but some stuff caught my attention la. like the hairy girl with the mutated baby in the hand. it was some statue thingy la.. quite creepy looking. hehe

    about 5pm we left the gallery and we spilt into two groups. me, yao yun and teck wei went for dinner ourselves and celine and her friends went to bondi for dinner.

    we end up just walking around the city..

    entered the only Machines flagship store in australia. freaking 3 stories and looks super cool la with all the glass. every looks even more sexy inside the store. me love macs seriously... ((:

    then headed over to Chat Thai for dinner. queued up for close to 40 minutes before we got in for our dinner.

    spring roll. yums!

    skewer. yumss too!!

    soft shell crab with green mango salad.

    stir fried chicken with cashew nuts.

    tom yum with tuna fillets.

    and the best part about Chat Thai is their awesome desserts!

    some drink which was really really really nice!!!

    the green thingy is like chewy stuff. its like long green pearls that you have in bubble teas. haha!

    sticky rice with coconut ice cream and egg something on the top. yumsss too!

    chat thai was like $30 each. after dinner, we took a bus and headed back to our apartment. but it was still quite early. i think it was like 930pm? so we headed over to pancake on the rocks in harbourside shopping mall on darling harbour as well.

    ordered their Hot n Troppo. which was listed under their famous pancakes list.

    but not nice one.. such a let down. seriously... pancake parlour here in melbourne have so much better tasting pancakes.. apparently their crepes is good but its a pancake shop la. why is there such a big difference in terms of pancakes and crepes. weird... and this was $5 each to share.

    after that we just went walking along the harbour and then it started raining heavier so we headed back up to our room.

    ended up youtubing so much that night. laughing over random things. hahaha orange caterpillar! ooo and talking about penis fish and googling bout it and reading about those articles out loud at like 3 something 4 in the morning. hahaha!

    ended up sleeping close to 4am that morning =PPP

    wednesday, 27th, set my alarm at 9am cause we needed to check out at 10am. but then instead of only hearing my own alarm, i heard yao yun's and it was like buzzing annoyingly non stop but i was too lazy to get up and switch it off so just left it buzzing until it doesnt buzz anymore.

    but later realising that it was buzzing in yao yun's ears too cause she had the earphones in yet she didn't even wake. funny la she... hahah!

    ended up waking up at 948am and quickly rushed up and down to get ready and pack our stuffs cause we needed to check out at 10am. but then we manage to get done by like 1010am and quickly grab our stuffs and checked ourselves out.

    took our bags and hopped onto the bus and got down to the city. and then hopped onto another bus and went to Bondi.

    our main purpose was to go over there and have the awesome ribs we had that night when we had dinner at Hurricanes again.

    reached there only realised that the restaurant wasn't open for lunch. but their express and take away counter is open just that you gotta tapao it and go somewhere else to eat.

    ended up sitting at the huts before the beach and have our ribs feast.

    i think they were looking at the seagulls.. i think?

    super satisfying la okay! we had two full racks for the three of us!! damn banyak!

    we had two full racks because take away was somehow cheaper than eating it in the restaurant. instead of paying $40 in the restaurant, we paid $30 for take away. so yea lunch that day was $20 each. =D

    a mountain of eaten ribs.

    compared to that night having dinner with teck wei's family and only having 3 ribs and this day, i had like i think more than 10 ribs. damn satisfying man!!

    after eating super full, we went for a stroll on the Bondi Beach.

    didn't stay for very long cause it was starting to drizzle and also cause there were like tiny jelly fishes on the shore that made teck wei worried to go in the water. and those jelly fish have this funnily long thin blue tail to it. never seen it before..

    cleaned up and then got on the bed and headed back down to the city. went to send teck wei's zippo for repair and then headed back to Chat Thai for dessert!! cause i wanted to try Tup Tim Grob the other night but it only serves during lunch hour. so yea.. went all the way back to Chat Thai for dessert!!

    had the drink again. its thaaaat nice la okay..

    tup tim grob! yummy!! me likey the tapioca coated water chestnut. yummy ler..!

    sweet potato something which was not bad. this is a hot dessert though.

    and this kuih which i have no idea what it is. BUT it was damn good!! love it!!

    all of the desserts for both days at Chat Thai was recommended by the waitress there. thumbs up to her! i love their desserts. like really!!

    nice ambience too.

    its on Campbell Street opposite the Capitol Theatre in Sydney.

    all the things we did that day, bondi and zippo dealer and chat thai was all with us carrying our luggage everywhere we went. heavy plus tiring and mafan also.. but we made it through and had fun! haha!

    after chat thai, we hailed a cab and went to the airport. our flight was supposingly at 7pm. after checking in and already waiting at the boarding gate, they announced saying our flight is cancelled. STUPID!

    then also knowing that the next flight after ours was cancelled too. going back to the counter and was then being told that the next flight out is the next day at 1030pm. omg so so stupid!!!!

    but we had to go back that night cause celine was having a test the next day at 930 in the morning. so yea.. we went to the Qantas counter and bought 5 tickets to come back that night with their 1005pm flight.

    sigh... an additional of $125 to the ticket that we have already paid for.. )): it was actually $195 for the qantas ticket but with the refund of $70 with tiger, means another $125 extra for the flight back... ))): sad case man....

    while waiting for our flight.

    the flight was super nice lo. had shows to watch and snacks and drinks and all that but it was just a one and a half hour journey. how nice if it was a longer trip. qantas quite comfy ler... haha!

    i was like enjoying all that extras and comfyness since we paid so much for it. by 1130pm, we've already touched down in melbourne's tullamarine airport.

    yao yun, celine and jowee headed back down to the city with the sky bus where as aunty D came and pick me and teck wei up. came back home and had some indomie and also watched some gun metal grey before heading to bed.

    so thats it! my whole sydney trip. it was a fun and relaxing trip la overall! love it!!!

    i am sure to visit Sydney again someday!

    i really really loved and enjoyed my trip!
    just not the weather..damn potong..

    how-did-my-weekend-go post will be up tomorrow la okay.. now i wanna enjoy my last night before classes starts tomorrow by catching up on bones and vampire diaries.

    soo... goodnight dearies!

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Jana Kramer - I Won't Give Up

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