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  1. badminton today was awesome.

    made me realise how much i miss that sport cause it is like the only thing i play. like seriously the only sport that i've properly played.

    it was fun ((: me likey likey. wanna ask khai shien book court again for next friday (((:

    after badminton went back MA awhile then headed down to the city for dinner. me, teck wei, khai shien, cherly, jia shen and vicky went dinner together at nam loong on russell street.

    had their salt and pepper chicken ribs.

    nice ler (: i wouldn't compare it with rose garden because personally i like both =DD but nam loong is cheaper which is good. but you gotta go before 5pm to get it at $8 if not you gotta pay an extra of $1. and chinese tea there isnt free. so yea..

    after dinner i came home.

    just been lazing around with american idol, bathed dried my hair too. now i am gonna get to vampire diaries, greys anatomy and private practice.

    or maybe just one of them. might head to bed early. feeling kinda tired tonight. but feeling good ((:

    ciao for now.

    with love,

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