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  1. outfit today.
    love my tommy hilfiger down feather vest. perfecto~~! loves loves!
    and also my $11 new look boots which i am growing to love (:

    hey ya'll.

    just changed my phone plan recently. instead of using the $29 cap plan, i am now on the $45 infinite plan which i can text call anybody in australia unlimited and also unlimited texting to international numbers. which is awesome! considering every month i'll be struggling with minimising my usage.

    anyways it came with the samsung nexus s?

    its an android phone which i am not so familiar with using. tried it and downloaded some app but prefer my iphone wayy more than that. so yea.. tho it looks pretty damn cool haha!

    had someone to deliver the phone back to malaysia and my cousin is gonna sell it off and get me and iphone 4 white instead. which is great! =DD and this phone worths like RM2.3k back in malaysia? and its like on $29 cap here now.. crazy shit hehe

    the past few days i've been on assignments and reports. not that its over yet. i still have my management report due soon. so yea.. i need some relaxing time.

    which is why i've been on american idol almost more than half the time when i am free. slept at 5am this morning watching idol and also skyping with ferns. finally i am not talking to myself anymore on skype with him. which is good ((: nice catching up with a friend whom i miss very much from home (:

    tomorrow will be out for badminton which i haven't been playing in ages. like i think since high school? thats long. i know..

    i've been so tired since i got back from uni. due to today's weather i think i caught a cold. been sneezing non stop and fluing like a leaky pipe... )): tired but still refusing to go to bed because i've been worried and wondering whats up with things. distracted all that fuss i made by watching idol, antm and criminal minds.

    now that i know whats up. prolly i might go and sleep earlier. i was really worked up having not to know anything in that 6 hours? ate some ice cream to let lose but i don't think its working very much..

    and i had my dinner at 530pm. so... high chances i'll be hungry soon. so its best going to bed before my tummy starts growling for food and munchies. haha

    anyways.. thats pretty much it for now.

    will be back when there is something to be typed out. goodnight.


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