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    Sunday, May 22, 2011

    i have been slacking on the updates i know....

    thursday i had my test and stayed back in uni to do my report. soooo by the end of thursday i was like super duper drained out and just completely had no time to even open the browser and write a few lines of stuff. and friday right up till now i am at MA which means i am kinda occupied to even have time to blog. hehe

    was suppose to head home like right now but instead i am staying for another day. and i am totally free right now to sit here and blog! well.... not really totally free cause i kinda needa study but free enough to squeeze in like half and hour tops. (:

    okay.. Thursday,

    went to uni early that day to study on that program i had to use. did all the work, answered all the sample exam questions and was feeling yea... can do la..

    so headed to Maccas for lunch. was craving for...

    double quarter pounder! YUMS!

    then went back for tutes and lectures and then found out my test later that day was an open book test. then i was like super relieved already. easy peasy =D

    after test met up with group mates and stayed in uni till it was like dark... hmm kla.. dark means 5 something. so hehe but still late enough la okay..

    the new ATC building on campus. built this year.

    went home and had carbonara for dinner and then went out to Highpoint with aunty D for the VIP sales.

    which i came home with this (: haha

    spent the rest of the night doing my report non stop. i was so so so tired!


    stupid day. like seriously.

    left the house at 1045am and got to MA near 1230pm. then realised i forgot to hand in my assignment which i left it at home and there is no way that i could redo it on the spot. so i had to go home and get it and go back to uni.

    left MA like 140pm.. finally reached uni's train stop at 455pm. i took like 3 hours and abit just to go home and from home head back to uni. and the assignment was due at 5pm. shoot me please?

    i was running up and down like a mad girl that day....

    after that i just stayed in the city cause we were going for dinner at loong's that night at 7pm. so i just went walking around.. the shops closes at 9pm on fridays anyways. so yea..

    then met up with celine and went to easy way then went to loong's. this time yao yun couldn't make it. so was just me, teck wei, celine, khai shien, loong and sheng nee and three of loong's sam classmates. ruth, mei yin and teresa.

    sheng nee made baked cheese rice and prawn mee!!

    yummy yummy. love the prawns! omg so much effort cooking it. love eating but don't think i'll love cooking it. ahaha!

    then as usual had our drinking session.

    this time we had Jim Beam.

    and finished as usual. awesome fun la that night! "must keep my pants" HAHA!


    kotaraya lunch about 2 something.

    hainanese chicken rice. $9.50

    after that mahjong till like 4 something?

    and korean for dinner at carnegie. $17.50 per person

    dinner was with cherly, jia shen, khai shien, teck wei, js's bro jia wei and his gf, iris. 7 of us.

    back about 9 something. 10 something mahjong till 1am... haha! then was don't know doing what.. skyping with mum.. errr.. i don't know la. as long slept at 4am.

    hmm.. it tasted weird. choke-y.


    woke up about 12 something? but finally out of bed only at 2pm. and cooked fried rice. and watched the finale of antm cycle 16. now blogging. later study. then later later dinner at glen waverley.

    will be heading home tomorrow after uni. till then, xx.

    much love,

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