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  1. we've came a long way... =D

    Friday, May 27, 2011

    the 1000th post! =D my blog came a long long way.. haha

    the after 12 post is because i've been sleeping like a pig since 845pm and just woke up at 1245am. ahah! should be heading back to sleep after this post. heading over to MA tomorrow cause we'll be playing badminton in monash.

    hmm... anyways tuesday i had my exam right... i passed my theory but not sure about my practical. i hope i pass that too. results will be out tomorrow.. wait.. later in during the day since its like 1 am already.. hehe

    other than that tuesday was just me celebrating my exam stress free for that night by indulging into gilmore girls.

    wednesday went to uni about 1pm. had cupcakes from the cupcake family again!

    choc peanut butter.

    and my favourite, blueberry! =DD

    pricey little cupcakes. i had two of each for $7. i wanted one big one for $4 but they ran out of them..

    there was the last batch of presentations held that day. two teams. the first one which all of them were from sarawak malaysia, did good. but the second team, omg.... torture!! it was really thaaaaaat bad okay...

    then after classes headed over to chadstone for their VIP sales. met up with teck wei on the bus and went together. and met up with cherly and jia shen there after their movie. hehe shopping a bit (:

    dinner was KFC that night.

    me no likey! me want malaysian KFC! ))): $5.45

    then was just walking in coles while teck wei gets his groceries. and then genevieve fetched us back MA. us meant me, cherly, jia shen, teck wei, rachel and herself.

    back to MA we were talking and laughing at the carpark area but manatau suddenly got people come and scold us. it wasn't even 10pm yet! stupidddd lady..

    after that was mahjong with jia shen and cherly and teck wei and khai shien. then was watching secret with teck wei. yea... secret the jay chou movie. not bad ler.. just ending abit stupid. ended up sleeping i think 6am? HAHA

    left MA and went to class at 1230pm today.

    class was till 330pm only. which was good (: came home just sat around, waited for dinner. then after dinner i slept like a pig till like just only.

    oooooo my buyings! =DD

    high waisted working pants (will need it for my internship), denim white shorts, knitted jumper-ish top, pretty gloves, black tee and a pair of earrings.
    damage = $55

    oklaa... considering i haven't really been doing much shopping nowadays. tho... i was quite sad over the price i paid for a coat which i bought last week? during the VIP sales it had 30% off.....! i could have saved $18.... ))): nevermind...what to do.. =/

    oh and as you can see in the picture.. i have a packet of red rock deli in one of the plastic bags. supposingly there were two. i ate one for lunch earlier today. 2 for $6 (:

    hmm.. i am heading back to bed now. love ya'll.

    xx, NA.

    i meant what i told you.

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