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    Wednesday, May 04, 2011

    just finished watching the Roommate.

    the show is freaky. like gave me chills. all the stalker and obsessive thingys just gives me the creeps. i remembered how creeped out i was when i was watching one tree hill when peyton got stalked by psycho derek. same old thing.

    the good part about the show are the casts. leighton meester, starting to really like her from gossip girl tho this is like a 360 degrees transformation of character. cam gigandet who is oh so hot plus he is a drummer in the movie. i have a thing for drummers. hot ones i mean. haha! and cam has been like this eye candy for me since the OC then burlesque.

    also nina dobrev who was like in the movie for 2 minutes? oo and danneel harris who is now known as danneel ackles since she is super lucky to be married to jensen ackles and i have known about her way back since one tree hill in one of the early seasons. and matt lanter who is so hot but painfully got stabbed in the movie. matt lanter from 90210 haha and the lead actress, i find her to be quite pretty. not that i know who she is (:

    shows done. now back to work. no fun.

    you know... skyping and yet not talking all the time but just having another person stay on the line with you, makes you feel like you are having some real company beside you. i kinda like it (: 2 hours when talking was just under an hour seems quite fun at times.

    i am glad lin is fine in new zealand.

    back to ol' boring management report to write. kthxbai.

    much love,

    time flies. exactly a month from now to finals.
    i so don't like swinburne's admin this semester...
    but yet, i am loving my semester back in melbourne thus far.

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