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  1. it was my mum's birthday yesterday which happens to be mothers day as well. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MI! and happy belated mothers day to all the mums out there and especially to my wonderful mother (:

    i recorded a video of myself and sent it to my mum to wish her happy birthday. had me singing for her in the short 1 minute and abit video. which she conveniently showed everybody apparently its to distribute that love her daughter sent to her and was proud and touched by it. but i pula don't know where to hide my face when everyone back home told me they saw the video and quoted me when i was skyping with them last night.

    there was this celebration at home. for mum's birthday and mothers day. where everybody was there. like seriously EVERYBODY. i miss all this family gatherings we always have. my family is pretty close, that i must say.


    mum and bro (:

    all the mothers blowing the cake together.

    mum ♥♥

    my mum is my bestest friend. i am grateful for everything she gave me and brought me up to be who i am today, all by herself. to picture her doing it or even to put myself in her shoes, its pretty damn tough. tough job i know. especially i don't think i am the best daughter in the world but i try my hardest and my very best to be the best to her. still in the process of trying. aha

    there is no one i could love more than my mum. she's the world to me and i know i am hers too. this is the first year that i wasn't there by her side celebrating her birthday with her. i am not there physically but i am sure i was there somehow (:

    i hope she had an amazing amazing day. i hope her wishes comes true, her to be happy always, and in good health and thats it. in good health is all i could ask for.

    now, i have to fulfil her wish that she told me last night. i'll do my very best to complete my part too. i love you mi!

    happy birthday mummy dearest ♥♥

    tonnes of love,

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