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  1. me is happy. life has been good (:

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    the weekends was awesome as usual ((:

    friday was dinner at sofia's to celebrate loong's birthday. a total of 18 of us and seriously we looked like we had a huge huge feast. paying $13 for sofia and among 18, you should roughly know how much we ate. which was seriously alot! but satisfying =DD

    got back to MA about 10 plus? then all i did was downloading shows, temaning people study and then eventually went to sleep.

    saturday wealth garden dim sum in the morning at doncaster. went out about 10pm with teck wei and hopped on two bus and finally we were there for dim sum! =DD

    yum cha! ((((: 6 of us who made it. me, teck wei, celine, yao yun, loong and sheng nee.

    nice ler.. i like.. these are the 5 out of i think 30 dishes that we ordered? HAHA!

    there was alot of other nice food but i was just to busy eating till i totally forgot to take pictures. the chicken feet was good! the polo bao!!! yumssss!! the mango sago also damn nice! basically the food was good la. like slightly above average for me.

    but burnt a hole in my wallet. $28 per person )): but nevermind, my tummy was uber satisfied!

    then we headed over to doncaster westfield shoppingtown. mainly for novo but i bought nothing even with the 40% discount and all. i love this pair of boots that i saw but it wasn't practical ): so no buying.... )): but celine and sheng nee got themselves an item each.

    after that we sat down at Koko Black for a cup of iced chocolate then went groceries shopping at coles with celine and teck wei where as the other three went back to the city.

    about 440pm me and teck wei left back to clayton and celine went home.

    it was cold that day i remembered. went back and slept and ended up only eating dinner at like 9 something 10?

    teck wei fried some sausages for our dinner. and i fried the eggs.

    and it was damn good with the cheese and the chilli sauce!!

    almost felt like i had ramly in my mouth that night. love it (((: me love gourmet sausages to begin with also la.. haha

    then watched no strings attached halfway and had our mahjong session. me, teck wei, vicki, jia shen and cherly. rotating among us to play.

    hehe my first mahjong session in australia ler.. ((: fun!

    after that finished up the remaining of no strings attached and ended up sleeping close to 7am that morning. was too distracted.

    woke up at 2pm on, i fried some rice for lunch. me likey my fried rice. but it needs more pepper and egg. that i agree. hope he likes it too.

    after all that frying i was literally smelling like food so needed to get a shower hehe. that night's dinner was instant noodle. and then i left MA about 725pm?

    i'd wish to have it everyday if possible. which is you.

    was watching american idol last night and crashed on the bed without realising. woke up earlier this morning to get a report done and now.. i don't know what to do. presentation on wednesday... yea should get to those presentation slides.

    hungry... =/

    kla.. thats about it. not much pictures i know. hehe kthxbai.


    you know... everything is just perfect. every detail, every moment, was right because of you.

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