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  1. happy belated birthday loo sheng loong! or known to some of us as Mr benjamin loo =DD

    went for his surprise potluck yesterday that was organised by sheng nee. aww man i didn't get to see his priceless expression when he opened the door! )): sho sad...

    but i hope he had fun yesterday!

    and there were so much food. there was still claypot chicken rice in the rice cooker too.

    me likey the lasagna yao yun made. yums!!

    and the mud cake..

    niceeeee! if only it was heated up a little bit. you know a little but melty? it would have been so much better. (((:

    i hope you had awesome day loong!

    okla that's it. i am suppose to pack for my 3 days out. and i am feeling abit sickish.. might head to bed real soon.

    you know... everything just had to suck, then sucky, then suckier and then just purely bad timing.

    people can be so judgemental huh? i'll either make sure to have them glued to you or i just will not bother even trying. just go ahead and judge on. weird weird people around..

    i so wasn't myself yesterday..

    can you tell me whats wrong? cause i think i roughly do know what is it about but i wanna hear it from you.. please?


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