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  1. silently calling out for help? anyone?

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    so i guess my presentation went well today. which i am so happy of our group. presentation done, now just the report to be finalised and i am done with works on engineering management!

    but now i am so stressed up and so tired.

    thinking about my test tomorrow i already feel like breaking down. then thinking about the report having the executive summary not done yet.. omg omg...!!

    after tomorrow i am coming home and i am going for highpoint's winter shopping day thing. whether i buy anything or not, i just needa go out of the house i go get some retail therapy even with just window shopping or whatever.

    lunch today was lord of the fries (: this cost me $3.75 ok... for a small cup..

    usually i am not a fries person as in i really don't eat them very much but i saw someone eating in the train and when i got down i just automatically walked towards the stall at flinders and stood there till the guy asked me what i want and so i bought. haha!

    bread,egg,cheese,ham... i want too.

    it was a mistake having the picture sent to me. well... i was the one who wanted to picture but yea.. i was like drooling at 12 in the morning yesterday.. hungrying now too but i appreciate the thought of remembering the picture for me and somehow made you forgot about the chilli sauce. hehe

    hmmm... now i think i am going to fall apart soon. i am so tired right now.. should really head to bed. and i am going to uni early tomorrow to get hold of a software that i need for tomorrow's test.

    hmm good night people!

    sher xoxo.

    no call tonight i suppose... ):

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