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  1. its 1 something in the morning and i am eating my daging special tambah cheese while writing this post. just came back from station one with teck wei and stopped by to buy ramly at usj 14 before sending me home. (((:


    i would consider this as today tho to be exact it is already yesterday. hehe

    woke up about 11 something then went out for lunch with cherly, jiashen, teck wei and khai shien. got home about 1 ish and i slept till about 4 something. dinner was only at 8pm which i was already so so hungry by that time. haha

    had dinner at usj6.

    then went to uncles place and then came home and then out with teck wei about 10 something ni lo.. thats pretty much what i did today.

    and and..

    on saturday i went to ipoh with a bunch of loves. steph, yaoyun, cherly, jiashen, enlin, loong, estee and chun kit. it was a daytrip which started off at 6am till 9pm.

    indomie goreng at a mamak at centrepoint -> dim sum at foh san -> ipoh white coffee -> some park -> ipoh parade -> kai si hor fun -> soya bean and tau foo fa at funny mountain -> hong kee muah chee -> curry chicken bread at kampar.

    basically that was just the food we ate.

    unfortunately i don't have any group picture. its in the other's cameras. i couldn't find my camera hence all food pictures are taken humbly by my iphone. hehe

    tho we didn't eat as much as when we went to malacca. but still the trip was funn.. how far off can it stray from fun when you are traveling on a roadtrip with a bunch of friends right... =DDD

    hopefully each time i am back from melbourne, we could all just go somewhere together. what we do doesn't matter as much. the company is the ones that matter the most (:

    now.. i can't wait for my penang trip this weekend. =DDDD

    got to go already.. off to bed soon.

    tomorrow will be out for qihong's birthday celebration at one u. nights peeps!

    lotsa love,
    sher xoxo.

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