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    Wednesday, January 12, 2011

    just got home about less than an hour ago. out the whole day tho. since 11 something till 10 something. almost 12 hours la. (:

    picked teck wei up and was in kl the whole day. tho we hopped to 3 places la. hehe

    first stop was amoda building to settle some air ticket thing of his. which the parking was super scary cause it was like this elevated steel thingy that doesn't feel safe. then something about the parking ticket, parking machine and the boomgate.. =/

    then off to midvalley for shopping. and its not me who is doing the shopping. yes i did go into like 3 shops but got nothing.. all i did was picking up jeans and polos for him. haha he is clueless when it comes to shopping. haha!

    had dried scallop porridge and you tiao for late lunch. RM3.90

    after midvalley was klcc ((: first stop bought movie tickets. 6pm gulliver's travels.

    funny (: i wasn't a big jack black fan before this but i guess he isn't all that bad..

    felt so much like sleeping during the movie lor.. especially it being empty and comfy and all that..

    then was dinner at Chinoz on the park.


    chicken caesar pizza.

    and a hugeee glass of hoegarden. tho it doesn't look huge here but it was..

    bill total, RM89.. food and drinks was to share. (: and me being so typical right... i think i had like less than 10 SIPS, yes sips.. of the hoegarden also my cheeks pinked up like nobodys business already... teck wei drank up most of it. haha

    done with food, went walking on the park just cause i wanna see the klcc night lights. ((((: now this is satisfaction for my day. and dinner was too. thanks for dinner =D


    this time i am not just driving past and staring at it, but standing right infront of it till it was enough of staring. ((((:

    went back in to get last minute stuff to buy. then the both of us ciaoed for home. =D


    i fell asleep halfway posting this up. ehhe

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    i was a happy girl on 11.1.11 ((: everything felt right..
    and p/s : thanks for everything today. =D

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