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  1. it is gloomy in here.

    Sunday, November 18, 2012

    in precisely 36 hours, i'll be done with exams. and it'll be the end of my semester for the year!

    BUT i am barely surviving through the next 33 hours before exam even begins. on the verge of losing it but still had to hold everything together. because if i don't, it would most probably be catastrophic..

    the smell of 3 pure months of freedom is so near yet so far... i can't wait till its time for me to laze around and do absolutely nothing and feel no guilt about it all. i can't wait to just go all out and have fun and eat all the happy things that is on my list and go on a photography trip on my own or with my darl. mainly just to capture the wonderful moments of melbourne and to brush up my photography skills. and if it is with the darl/bf, it'll be for happy dates and the breath taking details.

    melbourne has to be captured in this certain way that I see it. then only it could be officially accounted for as MY melbourne journey..

    but till then, this awful unit has to come first and get in the way.. i'll be back when all this weight and burden are off my shoulders.

    wish me luck! and God, please give me courage for the this last upcoming paper.


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