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    Monday, November 04, 2013

    Ola peeps!

    Am back to write about my Venus Bay trip that happened exactly a month ago HEHE :D

    First time ever going on a road trip/weekend getaway with the boyfriend's friends andddd it was fun! Laid back countryside and ulu-ish but fun!

    And there aren't any hotels in Venus Bay so we rented someone's holiday home to house the 10 of us. The house was quite nice leh..

    By the time we got there was around 6 something.

    *The House*
    Our rented cars.

    The first room downstairs. Which is actually a mini living room with sofa beds.

    The huge ass toilet downstairs. Can't really tell from the picture but it was bigg... Had like a whole shelf of books and magazines and all for you to read while you're in there haha

    The washer and dryer room.

    The living room. They were too engrossed with Jenga..

    The upstairs toilet and shower rooms. Yeap in two separate rooms.

    This was the all guys room haha

    And this was our room! First it looked like this. Then it looked like this..

    Had to change the quilt cover and pillow cases because the one they provide is like super dirty man...! Also all the beds in the house doesn't have any bed sheet so you gotta bring your own any way.

    We have a fireplace! Which we did try it out that night itself and it was so warm! So cool in my opinion too! Have never actually had the opportunity to see and use a fireplace before :D

    From the same spot I was standing in the picture before this, one the right is our dining area and that the kitchen.

    And this is our backyard! Looks so pretty! I love the decking and the greens and colours! I have always liked an outdoor dining and chilling area :) Oh and that's the BBQ pit.

    After settling down for a bit, we all went out to dinner in the little tiny tiny town. It was just a less than 5 minutes drive away and there were only a total of 3 restaurants in the whole of Venus Bay.

    And we went to The Cavity which was the most happening one as there were so many people and it was also a happy hour Friday kinda thing so everyone was like chatting away with beers in their hands.

    They weren't exactly cheap.. It was pretty pricey..

    And we all waited close to an hour for our food with our super growling stomachs... Waiting so long is always no good weih... And because of the waiting, I would automatically expect the food to be super damn awesome..

    JY's braised lower lamb neck. It was goood leh! So tender man the meat! Yes, I shamelessly asked if I could give it a try HEHEHE :D

    Me and tw shared these crunchy potatoes with spicy aioli. It was crunchy as they claimed but the sauce did make it quite nice :) And we also shared the next two dishes together too.

    Port Arlington mussels. A tad bit small but was cooked alright. Not great but not too bad.

    And for our main, we ordered the Tiger Flathead Fillets. It was quite fancy and nice in my opinion! A tad bit heavy on the salt but still tasty! I was quite impressed by it :)

    Those were the only dishes I took pictures of basically they were just whatever in front of me and most of us ordered the same thing anyways. Or if not, then its because they are at the other end of the table and also cause I don't know them very well so I paiseh wanna stall them and take pictures of their food lor..

    After dinner, we drove to the beach to catch a glimpse of the clear starry sky. Which was so so so pretty!!!! Like literally the whole sky was painted with thousands of dots of flickering glittering stars!

    Initially we wanted to go to the beach and chill there at night but it was also quite scary because there was literally no one there except this one guy on the beach shining his torchlight all over as tho he was looking for something. And also cause it was like super duper windy and super duper cold. So we decided to go back home and chill instead.

    Once we got home, we had the fireplace up and running and then we started our game sessions. One side of board games and whatnot on the couch and another side of mahjong on the dining table.

    Mahjong and cards and beers :D

    And then we called it a night.

    Day 2,

    I woke up to smell of eggs and bacons. HAHHA! And guess what, the boys are the ones who are up early cooking us breakfast hehehe I should feel bad but aiya its okla.. HAHA!

    It was a proper and yummms breakfast!

    Then we got ready and went out to town to rent some fishing gears. Because the plan was to go fishing and also catch pipis for our dinner along with the BBQ things. Little did we know, there aren't any fishing gears to rent and you have to purchase them sooo we decided not to go fishing and go straight to pipi catching.

    Drove to No.1 beach to start things off. I think there were a total of 5 beaches and they go by No.1, No,2 and etc..

    *The beach*
    Basically it is like a long long long stretch of beach that they separated them into different parts. And it was like a nice beach or anything. Just a beach. And that's it.

    And I was being chicken-y at first. Was so afraid of the ocean... I honestly do find it super intimidating lor.. Never really been a fan of the ocean. Most of the time I just stay on shore and admire everything from there.

    Them digging for pipis. And they were so excited when they caught tinie tiny ones haha! And it was only the two of them cause they had the pipi catching license which costs $6 for 48 hours per person?

    And us just lingering around and doing random stuff. HEHE <3

    Andddd they finally managed to catch some big ones!

    After seeing some bigs ones, me and the bf and everyone else decided to help and catch too. I went for it! Was still afraid of the ocean but I went for it! And only managed to get like two pipis.. Better than nothing lor..

    These was our catching from the No.1 beach.

    Then we decided we had to go and get more so we drove to No.2 beach! And that was when I went all in and gung ho in catching pipis!

    The ones who caught at the No.1 beach rested while the others who was lazing around initially went full on catching mode at the No.2 beach. And we caught soooooo much!! Thanks to mua who told them to go to this area which I saw so many people catching there and with half filled buckets of pipis. At this specific area, we seriously caught so so much!

    And I was all wet but it was worth it! Such a good experience man to actually catching it yourself!

    And in case if you guys haven't notice already, yeap we all went catching without a license. HAHAH! But no one actually cared anyways.. There were people driving around on the beach to keep an eye but they didn't really bother much as long as we don't use a shovel. Which we did have by the way but didn't use. It was so much easier to catch it with your bare hands!

    Our catchings from beach No.1 and 2!! Mainly from the second beach. So much leh!

    Then we all headed back for lunch. As it was only left with 5 of us on the beach because the other 5 went back first and tapaoed lunch for us and also to go back and bath first.

    Our lunch was burgers and fish and chips! Super duper huge weih their fish!

    Then I went to kepo on the pipis we caught while they were "breathing". I have never seen a live pipi before so I was a bit jakun when I saw them like this! "Breathing"! They have this long thingy that sticks out.. So cool! 

    And also waited for my turn to go and bath as I was drenched in salt water and sand waist down. BUT by the time it was my turn to bath, all I got was ICY COLD WATER!!!! It was warm-ish when I go in and by the time I had shampoo in my hair, the water turned icy cold!!! OMG it was so so bad!! Had to endure it and just get the soap off my hair and literally jumped out of the toilet.

    The whole 3 days I was there, I never once had hot water at all! Like seriously... And after that shower I actually caught a cold. Thank god I brought my polaramine and so I popped a pill and stuffed tissues in my nose and fell asleep for like an hour.

    By the time I got up, I was good to go! And the plan was to go for a walk at the coastal park. I was asking the rest if it was a leisure walk because I didn't have like proper shoes and all and they were like yeah yeah soooo I went with my slippers instead.

    And when we finally got to the place, I knew I was in the wrong attire... Slippers were a totally bad idea!

    Don't you think it looks like a scene from jurassic park or something?

    And then we saw this kangaroo bone and it freaked me out!

    I was like spooked! We were the only ones in the area and there isn't a proper path anddd there isn't any light! We were walking halfway around 30 minutes in and we were starting to lose light because the sun was setting and I insisted that I wanted to turn back and head back to the car because it was feeling abit scary already.. Some went on walking further for another 15 minutes or so while 4 of us turned back.

    Turning back also means another 35 minutes walk back to the car ok... When we were almost reaching the car, I could hear like tribal music and stuff and I was like "walk faster!" saying to myself altho my legs were killing me from all the up and down in sand and grass walk.. Plus those huge gigantic ants on the ground weren't really helping especially that I was in slippers...

    Thankfully we reached the car safely and I happily started my social media hopping the moment we were comfortably cooled and locked in our car.

    Then waited for the rest to get back and then we headed home for dinner. BBQ time! And pipis!

    We were suppose to BBQ things that night but all the bugs went kamikaze on the stove so we decided to cook everything in the kitchen. I think it was because of the heat on the stove so all the bugs was like "we need warmth" and then decide to suicide because they started sizzling instantly when they got onto the stove.. And no, we didn't want to eat bugs for dinner..

    We deep fried these cause the boys brought over a deep fryer as well.

    And ovened these lamb ribs.

    Pan fried these lamb patties.

    And also these english muffins.

    *And finally the dish of the night!*
    Pipis cooked in seafood XO sauce! OMG SO GOOD! We had like 4 plates of these!! I think we caught close to 3kgs of pipis! They were so fresh and yes a lil tiny bit sandy but it was nice!! I don't usually eat lala/pipi very much because I simply don't fancy them but because these were hand caught ourselves, it tasted exceptionally better!! :D Thanks to Marc who cooked it for us!

    I was so filled up from dinner man!! So much food! And so, after all that eating, all of us just chilled on the sofa and talked and played Mafia while drinking ciders and beers and also eating desserts.

    My first time drinking from this brand. I think I prefer Rekordelig ciders better. This had a very distinct apple taste to it which I don't quite fancy.

    And had some caramel macadamia ice cream! YUMS! Macadamia ice creams are my new favourite!

    I think we called off the night pretty early. Before 12? Mainly because some were going out to catch the sunrise and also the rest need to wake up early the next morning for breakfast and also cleaning up the place cause we have to leave by 1030am latest.

    Day 3,

    A few of them really did wake up early and went out to catch the sunrise. But me and the bf are pigs and obviously didn't wake up for it. And here are some pictures that lim wei took of the sunrise :)

    Pretty eh? But it still never once motivates me to wake up early and see this for myself.. HEHE :D

    And by the time I was up, breakfast was almost ready already. hahahaha! I am a seriously big pig :P

    Our breakfast! With homemade pancakes somemore! Such a heavy breakfast... we can't even finish the meat and had to tapao it back home..

    Then we all got ready and started cleaning up the place and cross checking if we missed out on anything.

    The amount of beer that we had which was not much really.

    And had to pack up all the rubbish and transport it to the dumping ground. There aren't any rubbish bins for the house and everyone have to drive their rubbish out to the dumping place one.

    After that, we left Venus Bay and headed over to Leongatta. Hoping to go around and see if we could find anything interesting to do but in the end all we did was drive around and sat in the car most of the time till it was time for lunch.

    We stopped by a little town called Loch for lunch.

    My chicken and leek pie.

    And the bf's Ploughman's Platter. Which we totally did not expect it to be this. And you see that cheese beside the pumpkin which is in white coating? THE WORST CHEESE EVER! It tasted so so so bad! I thought it was Brie/Camembert which is one of my favourite cheeses so I gobbled half of it straight and I nearly choked! It was seriously so horribleeeeeee!! 

    After lunch, we adjourned our journey back to Clayton which we reached around 3 something? Got back to MA and rested for about close to two hours before we headed out to dinner at Newmarket cause we gotta drop someone home and he stays in Newmarket.

    Dinner was at Chef Lagenda :)

    It is my second time there and I was quite skeptical at first because I didn't have a good experience the first time..


    And mine :) Was craving for some laksa and it was nice!

    The food was pretty good! I'll definitely be back again! And then to dessert after dinner!

    @ Dessert Story for my favourite dessert from them :D

    But I think the branch on Flemington Road isn't doing as well cause the mango jelly tasted bitter... But I still finished it nonetheless cause apart from the jelly, everything else was fine.

    After dinner, we did some grocery shopping and then headed back Clayton.

    And that's it! That concludes the whole trip!

    I don't think I'll be back with solid updates until my exams are over which is on the 26th. Am so swamped with FYP poster presentation and report and exam preparation and the exams itself..

    Shall be back whenever I can sit down in peace.

    Till then, bye y'all!

    Much Love,

    In case if you missed out, there is a full food post before this :) Enjoy!

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