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    Tuesday, December 31, 2013

    Hey y’all!

    First and foremost, my grandma just got out of the hospital two days ago and back into our house! Super duper good news! That means no more daily hospital visits and spending hours and hours sitting on an uncomfy chair and mamak everyday. Whoop whoop! Hoping that she’ll have a speedy recovery and her usual routine can go back to normal soon! Thank you God, for answering all of our prayers!

    Anyways….. I know I’ve been really bad with the updates. That’s cause I literally have zero time everyday to sit down and face an iPad to catch up on my YouTube subscriptions, let alone to sit in front of my Mac and blog.

    I usually put priorities like series catch ups above anything else I need to do on my Macbook. Even my series-es I haven’t had the time to catch up with them. Ever since I got back I’ve been so busy. Busy with going in and out of the hospital and going to work. By the time I am home, all I want to do is sleep. The boyfie also mentioned that I have been super busy until I don’t even have time to Skype with him.

    Usually whenever I am back to Malaysia and the boyfie being in Australia, we always take the time to Skype with each other at least twice or more a week. More like whenever possible and however frequent... And each session can go up to 2 hours or so. Now….., I barely have the time and when I do, I’ll be out with my friends and whilst I am out with my friends, he’ll be waiting patiently for me to go home and Skype with him. The wait went up to 6am aussie time until he fell asleep and I still didn’t manage to talk to him. ): But but, I did see him and talk to him, the next day for about 2 hours plus! :D

    I miss him so much…. 25 days until I see him! I seriously can’t wait to get him back within my reach!! 

    I gotta get back on track with my usual routine soon. I have to diligently sit down and be discipline enough to get all my pending things done. Edit my pictures and blog em’ all, catch up on series-es and YouTube subscriptions.

    The main thing is to get the pictures I took, up and running on social media platforms cause I promised people that the pictures were suppose to be up wayyyy earlier and I am sooooo overdue!

    PROMISE PROMISE the Sydney trip post will be up by the end of next week! HAHAHA! Now that I gave myself ample of time, I will make it! I know how many empty promises I have been making to this blog.. HEHE :D Cause eventho I can get the pictures done by this week, it is a whole other thing to get the blog post done with it. Cause in case if none of you know, I take super long to blog a long post and it can be drafted for up to a week or sometimes more than a week. My attention span with long posts is very limited… :P and I am super fussy with the layout of the pictures and my word phrases. I’ll keep rereading and moving pictures around as I type which can be a nuisance cause it takes up too much time!

    And I’ll have a summary/reflection post up tomorrow! Although this year didn’t have that many exciting events.., we shall see what I come up with tomorrow haha! I still can’t believe how quick the year flew by man..! Let’s hope for a better year ahead! *fingers crossed*

    Happy New Year’s Eve peeps! And Happy New Year in advance!

    My eve celebration tonight shall be at home munching on pizza deliveries and catching up on series-es! And… spending time with family :) I am on taking care of grandma duty tonight with mum along with the cousins who will be around and it isn’t bad cause I could at least get some things done while I am home :D

    Oooh and also Skype session with the boyfriend before 9pm my time cause it’ll be before 12am his time and I want to be the first person to wish him Happy New Year and give him a virtual kiss hahahahaha! :DDD He’ll get a real big fat sloppy one when I pick him up at the airport on the 24th Yeaps.. I am counting down the days till I see my boyfie!

    Anyways, I better get back to work. Oh wait no, it is lunchtime! HEHEHEHE shhhh… my free and easy time equals to social media reads and blogging :D

    Take care people!

    Lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

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