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  1. Hello 2014!

    Thursday, January 02, 2014

    Happy New Year everybody!

    I happily enjoyed my New Year’s Day right until after 12am and then decided I’ll write my recap and resolution post today cause I crashed on the bed shortly after that knowing I have to drag myself out of bed today and go to work. I sure am not a early morning person.. I should but I am not HEHE :DD

    Altho New Year’s Day is a typically normal day/holiday, I hope you guys had a great one spent with people you love! I know I did! I counted down the Aussie time New Year’s with the boyfriend through Skype (the distance don’t matter babeh!) while we individually live streamed the Sydney fireworks on YouTube, had KFC feast with the family whilst counting down for the Malaysia one, woke up at 11 in the morning, went out for shopping with my two cousin sisters for the whole entire afternoon and lastly spent the whole night hosting a steamboat feast dinner with the entire family. When I say entire, I literally do mean the entire family members who are in KL. It was a good day!

    So…. 2013,

    You’ve been a pretty rough year… There were so many tears and sadness. Losing gong gong was the hardest thing we had to go through this year and the next was the heart episode my popo went through. Having an elderly in the family falling so ill was hard and losing a deeply close family member was harder. There is always going to be a void in our hearts each time we lose someone but nonetheless, days do still have to go by and we will always have them in our hearts. Andddd, I am so so so glad that my popo fought back so hard to have herself out of danger and she is now recovering well at home. Yes, the road to recovery will be slow and tough, but at least she is recovering better each day. Thank you for blessing her, God.

    There were still some downs throughout the year but they can be overcome. All I have to do is, be determined and discipline and strive for what I want to achieve in life for myself. This year, 2014, I shall strive to overcome all of that.

    The good part is short but it is the good that kept me going through the year. Is having a supportive and amazing and wonderful family which includes the boyfriend. They are my pillar of support! Big time! My family is always my greatest people in my life and each day I can’t feel thankful enough that I’ll always have them with me through thick and thin. And my boyfriend, has gradually grew into this person that I always depend on and lean on and has literally became my bestfriend. He is the one I talk to about everything and absolutely anything. Everyday is still as fun and we laugh so so much and always enjoys each others company eventho we or more like I annoy us too much HAHAH! Our relationship was such fun times throughout the whole of 2013 and I hope these fun times will just keep growing as years come! The third year mark is coming soon... Time sure do fly by! But they were good times!

    Started working life again... Internship life to be exact. And so far it has only been less than 2 weeks and it is so far so good! I love working here in DiGi! The environment is so free and easy and the people are friendly, helpful and nice! 

    I didn’t do any long distance trip this year but all the short trips we went to were fun! Whilst I was back in Malaysia for winter break, I went to Pangkor with the close high school friends and it was THE BEST! Anywhere we go together will always equals to fun! These bunch of people I’ve known through high school are the best friends I could ever get. Altho we don’t talk to each other as often until I do come back to Malaysia, we are still a bunch of close friends and I am always thankful to have known them! These bunch, are for life! :D

    After Pangkor, I made a trip down to Singapore with the girlfriends to visit a girlfriend! It was really nice spending time with Jo Ann and the girls and their respective other halves. I thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed the trip so much! Plus Jo was a very very very nice host! Made me feel as tho I was just at home except that everything is times 2.5 in terms of currency difference HAHA! We girls should make it an annual thing to do trips like this lor!! Or at least two years once!! To me, these friendships are the ones that lasts a lifetime! I just love my friends! Each and every one of them has made a significant impact in my life :)

    Had a couple of short family trips whilst mum and pa came to Melbourne :) Went to Tasmania for the first time and road trip to Lakes Entrance for the second time! They were both short but it was relaxing and nice! I even drove for the first time in Australia and got home safely! That should be worth mentioning hahah!

    Lastly, I went to Sydney again for the third time in three years with the boyfriend and two other friends. I’ll try to make it a thing to go travel with the boyfriend once a year at least eventho it is to some place near! I was just looking through some Malaysia’s worth going to resorts and they look so pretty! I wanna go with the boyfieeee….! But I don’t think I’ll be catching him in Malaysia while I’ll be here too anytime this year apart from this coming Chinese New Year. Which during CNY equals to not going anywhere apart from going back to hometown cause it’ll be too busy. Plus he will only be back for two weeks….. Booooooo! ): but….. regardless, I still can’t wait to see him and spend time with him eventho its only two weeks!

    I think that should be a good enough summary. Every year, there aren’t that many exciting events and so, I should really think of something exciting to do! We shall see.. hahaha! :P

    Resolution, only one, hold my degree certificate in my hands before the year ends. And maybe to lose some weight ahahahah! Wishes, hope that this year will be better than the years before and may everybody be healthy and showered with love, joy, happiness and luck! THE most important thing, is for everyone to be happy and healthy!!

    Lots of love,

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