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  1. My prayers: Get well soon Grandma!

    Monday, December 16, 2013

    Hi guys.

    Thought I better have a short update whilst sitting around a waiting lounge. I am now back in Malaysia supposedly happily for holidays and also to begin my internship with DiGi..but, since I got into the car from LCCT to get home, time hasn't been too good.

    In the car, a bad news came to me. My beloved grandma had two major heart attacks consecutively yesterday early hours in the morning. At that time, I was still in Melbourne, completely clueless about the traumatic experience my family was going through. Especially my mum. She was the one who discovered the excruciating pain my grandma was going through. Alone. Thank god for having close relatives who stays nearby and are able to attend to you whenever for whatever needs. Especially for ultra emergency needs like this.

    Whenever I hear the replay of the incident it gives me instant goosebumps. It sounded so scary. And also after reading her chart that was lying around the table outside of her room, it didn't help either. My heart skipped a beat the moment I saw the phrase "no pulse". The thought of that we lost her even for a short time, it's hard to know.

    I kept my cool while digesting the news in the car. In my heart and mind, all I kept telling myself is, she will be fine. It isn't that bad. Things are alright and they aren't that threatening. But the moment I saw her, I couldn't keep myself in anymore. I broke down. It was too hard and painful to see her lying there, heavily sedated with tubes in her nose and mouth, and machines everywhere. I felt so helpless. I could do nothing. And all I could do was keep giving her motivations to be strong, to fight. While.. I kept myself strong by having her hands grip onto mine acknowledging she knows that I am here for her.

    The whole day today since 9am I've been sitting in the waiting lounge waiting for good news. The good news is, she is off all the tubes except the oxygen to her nostrils. And the doctor was saying she is a tough and alert lady and a fighter. So glad and such a relieve to hear that she is progressing well. Altho there might be other complications, to me, hearing that she is progressing well in one area is already a huge relieve. We shall worry about one thing at a time.

    After she became more conscious, and because I wasn't around when the attack happened, she was trying to explain to me the whole of last night's incident. At least of what she remembered before she fainted. Being chatty and talkative is a good sign I suppose? So so happy that she is somewhat back to her usual self except that she is still lying in a hospital bed.

    I am looking forward to the day she returns home. My whole life, she is always within reach. I am so used to saying "Goodnight grandma" every night before I go to bed whenever I am home.

    Am glad that I just said goodnight to her and she acknowledged me like how she normally does :)

    I am feeling very optimistic that she'll be fine and she'll be home in no time. I am really thankful to have such a supportive family that crowds up the whole lounge area with chatters and tidbits and junk food and drinks and laughters because everyone comes by and support one and another. We always come together when anyone of us needs any support. I have to be strong and support everyone around me. And I will. Things will be alright!

    Now, I shall find a comfy spot at the waiting lounge and serenade myself to sleep by watching chick flicks.

    Goodnight y'all.

    p/s: I am in the midst of editing all the Sydney photos. A total of 977 pictures in a span of 4 days... -.- HEHE prolly the next post coming up will be on my Sydney trip. Wait for it! :D

    I'll be back when I can.


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