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    Friday, March 29, 2013


    Just started my one week holiday, yesterday! Woohoooo!! :DDD So glad to be having a break from uni. The only subject I've been enjoying is Italian where as the rest are the typical engineering subjects and its no fun at all. I blame myself for choosing this course at the beginning.. I am so not enjoying what I am doing. Seriously... =/

    Aiya before I get all emo about my course.., happy thoughts.. happy thoughts!!

    Since my holiday started yesterday, I would normally head over to the boyfriend's place straight but because I made shopping plans with aunty D, I postponed my visit to the bf's to today. HEHE shopping was more important in this case :P I see him every weekend anyways... seeing him one day later wouldn't make much of a difference considering I'll be here till next Sunday :D

    Went shopping at highpoint shopping centre as they have a new development area with lots more shops and it looks really nice! Reminds me of chaddy and westfield doncaster combined. Looks classy and new and poshy! Totally different from how the old development looks like.

    Basically it was more like exploring the new area and just window shopping. Topshop here is so expensive... =/ and Zara too.. ): Any brand with an average of $60 per piece is expensive to me.. I do admit I shop quite a fair bit sometimes, but at least in my defence, I rarely ever spend more $20 per item.. Ever. Unless absolutely necessary. Which is a good thing! *self proclaimed i know :P*

    Had dinner @ highpoint's food court. It's laksa from laksa king! I reckon it is the best laksa in melbourne (:

    Got back home slightly after 9pm and spent the rest of last night clearing up my room and facetiming with my mum.

    Mum is on her way to the United States right now and so, yesterday night I was going through the shopping list I had for her. I have TOO MANY things that I want her to get! :D Especially a kate spade bag and anything from New York. If it was humanly possible, I would have asked her to bring back the whole New York City back for me.. )): I am like super jelly that she's going to spend at least 4 days there! I was suppose to tag along one lor... but the timing wasn't right.. )): SO SO SAD!!

    One day, I tell you..., one day I WILL DEFINITELY GO TO NYC!!!! My ultimate dream and wish!!

    Lets hope that mummy dearest will bring back tonnes of things for meeeee :P When it come to the states, I will get all excited for no reason one.. HEHE

    Okok.. back to my shopping @ highpoint. I thought I wouldn't be buying anything but turns out who am I kidding lah.. Come on... I am me, and since when I will forgo bargains.. :|

    Bought this maroon ribbed box pleat skater skirt from valleygirl for $10 :DD Love 'em!! 

    And these black spikey heels. Omg so nice and its only $10 and I couldn't resist! Comfy or not doesn't matter. Wear once or on short trips I also happy already! :P

    My two buyings for myself and also bought a top for mum (: Not bad lah hor? I only spent $25 and another $5 on macarons :DD

    My maxi dress from eBay for $11 include postage ((: So pretty! Pastel colours all over!! A tad bit too long so I gotta wait till I get back to Malaysia and have it altered. Alteration here very expensive leh.. But pretty hor this dress?!? Super love it!

    Girls are always happy when it comes to buying things!

    I don't know why but when I am in Malaysia for hols right.., I tend to not shop so much one leh.. Maybe because the price on the items seems so expensive because the figure is big. Here, I am always attracted to the $5, $10, $15 pricing and also the "take a further ..% off reduced price" tag. I always fall for it! Malaysia where got such thing.. unless you go to like wholesale places where you can still get clothes at RM10.

    Hmm.. I am somewhat missing home abit. Hearing about all these deaths scares the shit out of me. Three pedestrian got buried by a huge brick wall collapsing due to the crazy melbourne wind yesterday. Two dead and one still critical and it scares me. Knowing that no one could predict whats coming your way next. Especially when I have my grandmother and grandfather to think about. Of course I would want them to live as long as ever but it'll never be possible.. =/ It is making me have this thought and need to wanna spend more time with my family as much as I could..

    And also missing the bunch of friends!
    The pose was an inside joke :P

    I don't think I'll ever be able to find a greater bunch of people ever. I may find some that would be as great but I don't think would be any greater. So glad to have them through high school with me and to form these silent bonds between all of us. Everytime without fail, when I head home, these are the people I turn to. This picture may not have all of them in it, but they should know who they are. They are for life!

    And these girls..

    A friendship that would go a lifetime. For sure. Genuine and loving.

    I miss having girl sessions. I miss having Yao Yun in melbourne! Never missed anyone who went back so much.. How I usually just randomly call her or text her asking if she is free and that we could hang out. Mostly for food but food comforts me and so does she. I just miss having her within reach.. And Steph for always being there don't matter how little we talk to each other. It is almost like a silent thing that we have but also know that it is always there. And Jo, to knowing that I could always depend on her for saying the right thing and pointing me to the right path. I miss everything about them!

    How I'd wish we were still the bunch of teenagers that didn't have to worry much about work and life. Without all these "grown up" stuff, we would be able to just sit there and do absolutely nothing the whole day and don't have to worry about who finishes work first or who could take leave or when is the best time to meet or not able to stay late due to work the next day or even worst, not meeting up at all cause there is work the next day or working in a different country... ): Aih.. I really miss them.. =/

    I am almost close to having zero girl session here already. One by one everyone is leaving melbourne and leaving me here.. alone. Okla, not alone but figuratively. Yes I do have the bf, but I don't know... sometimes I just need someone other than the bf you know.. to talk about things that are more appropriate to share it with other than the bf =/

    Yes.. I am getting emo-ed up a bit.. ): Time flies and everyone has gotta move on with life and as much as I hate to admit it, this is life. You won't always have these people in your life all the time because.. they have to go and live theirs too. LIFE. ...hmmm.. =|

    Till next time! Hopefully I'll have a great holiday week and then, I'll be back to talk about it!


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