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    Monday, March 04, 2013


    So I've been saying how much I wanted to clear up my pending posts right.. but I think I should get on with what I've been up to for the past week since I got back first as things are still fresh in mind. Then maybe after that we will talk about CNY celebrations and omg how much I have been eating in Malaysia and also some short update on some gathering with the close friends as I doubt I will have much to update about on uni anyways. All I am looking forward to is the weekends as that will be when I really live my week.

    So... the past week?

    I would say that it went by very quick and it was merely involving lots of sleep and alone time with the boyfie and some hang outs with some pretty nice food (:

    Wednesday was all ALL about sleeping and a whole day of hiding inside MA till about dinner time where ferns, jia shen, wei jun dropped by MA which then resulted to dinner adding me, teck wei and khai shien at the kebab place in clayton town. And so, we took the opportunity of dinner to be updated with some up to date events. I must say altho I saw it coming, I didn't really see it coming in that way tho..

    Thursday, went down to the city to have lunch with jia shen, ferns and teck wei after my visit to uni with the bf. Was suppose to settle some things but ended up still unsolved.

    One brightside about dropping by uni is getting a cup of free froyo from yogurddiction! FREE and with two toppings! I chose their strawberry and honey macadamia! Oooo YUMS!

    Then was to Lygon Street for lunch.

    This time, we went for Mexican.

    A cup of Sangria.

    Nachos to share.

    Jia shen ordered chicken fajitas in some creamy honey mustard sauce which was totally totally awesome! The sauce was sooooo good!

    Fernie's Tacos.

    The boyfriend and I had burritos and enchiladas but they both looked the same so one picture would suffice.

    After lunch was some drink time in Starbucks which wei jun joined till maybe late evening? And then we ciaoed for home. And of course spent my other time after that just staying in with the boyfriend and called it a night pretty early.

    Friday, brunch plans with cherly and fernie (: I kept thinking of Hardware Societe since I got back and so of course I HAD to go there and the other two has absolutely no preference at all.. so hardware societe it is!

    My yummy juicy scallops!

    Fernie's Salmon.

    Cherly's Chicken.

    And went on for dessert as well. This was the bread and butter pudding with walnuts and blueberries. We also had one of their flourless chocolate cake which I totally forgot to take picture of.

    Generally all the food was really nice (: It has only failed to impress me once because they change their menus every 3 months and it was just that one time that I was totally put off by my scallops dish. I have always been a fan and I always order their scallops! I could never say no to yummy juicy scallops eventho it is at a price of $18 (but honestly I do find the price to be pretty worth it :X).

    Then it was to St. Kilda Beach for some touristy walking. Well... fernie is a tourist and altho he has been but I still prefer to call it touristy walking (:

    Oh look! How pretty! The sky was exceptionally blue that day which also means a super hot day! But things were pretty altho it was a tad bit too glary.

    With Cherly (:

    And me being slightly whacked up and was trying to recreate the picture I took the last time fernie was here on holidays in 2009. I still look as cuckoo as I did before :D

    Cherly went home after our outing where as me and fernie stayed because we were having dinner plans with jia shen, khai shien, teck wei and wei jun. And we were having gambling plans after dinner (:

    Dinner was at rose garden with the boys and it wasn't exactly a picture taking environment because six of us was cramping in a table for 4 and we were all too hungry for even stopping for pictures. And anyways... I have quite a couple of food pictures from rose garden and honestly I don't deviate much from what I've ordered before. HAHA!

    After dinner the five of us, minus wei jun, went to hang at Flagstaff Gardens. And was in a possum awwing moment. Altho I was somewhat terrified by the possumS and mind I add again, it is plural! There were sooooo many! And the boys found it to be "aww... so cute!" while I went all feet off the ground and clinching tightly onto the bf..

    Then it was to raymond's place to gamble with all the other guys from jia shen's basketball gang. And it was my first time gambling with money in Australia. And everyone had to gamble with coins because we couldn't afford losing paper notes..

    I don't really know most of them so I was pretty mellowed down on the fun. And the only other person I would have known from the bball group other than raymond is Wei Nian who came like so much later and we left 10 minutes after that because we were in a hurry to catch the train home in order to catch the last bus back. So yeah.. it was fun but not that fun? Hmm.. but I still did win like $1.50? HAHA!

    Went back to Clayton with teck wei, khai shien and wei jun. And wei jun came by to game with the boyfie till about 3 ish in the morning? I was soundly asleep by then. HEHE

    Saturday was another day of total lazing around and ordering 3 large pizzas from Dominos for the two of us for dinner. And then it was movie marathon. LOVE my movie marathons with the boyfie! <3

    Sunday, headed to Carnegie for late lunch with jia shen and ferns. The boyfriend was still very much asleep and refused to come along with. So yeah.. Said my goodbyes to a half asleep boy which is likely to not remember anything. And I was abit sad lo... Been seeing him for everyday in the past month and now I am back to usual routines of only seeing him on weekends because I have to go back to classes on weekdays.. ): SO NOT FUN! I really wished there isn't a need to say goodbye to him and just keep him by my side EVERY day and night.. hmmmm

    Anyways... Back to our late lunch. It was @ Huff Bagelry in Carnegie!

    The very safe combo, Salmon, cream cheese and capers on blueberry bagel for $8! It was really nice!!

    And the boys ordered one bagel each as well until.... we were all still hungry after our ONE bagel, we decided to order another two more to share! Best decision ever! Cause.... I got to try the other bagels! They all sounded so tempting up on the menu.. :DDD Happiness!

    Summy Breakky Bagel. Ham, cheese, egg and avocado.

    Autumn Breakky Bagel. Ham, cheese, egg and beetroot relish. Both on blueberry bagel! That was our only choice of bagel because the ran out of everything else already since they were suppose to close in half and hour?

    *Crappy pictures of the bagels because I was in a hurry to take before my camera battery dies. It was suppose to be dead already so I kinda only have a 5 seconds time frame before it completely shuts off*

    I was so pleased with all of them! They were really really good! I can see myself coming in again a few more times for these! Plus the price was pretty reasonable (:

    Called it a day after that and headed home. To my own room and to sleeping alone hugging my bolster ): Yes... I am very attached to the boyfie.. I know.

    And today? Uni's first day. That's all there is to say about today. Nothing spectacular and nothing worth documenting.

    That's pretty much it! A not too bad first week back in Melbourne!

    Much love,

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