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  1. The good ol' summer week.

    Thursday, March 07, 2013


    Okay.. I procrastinate too much. The fact is I have all this pictures sitting in my lappie but yet I just haven't sort things out. I haven't even sort out my luggage which is still lying on the floor. What I do everyday? Let's see.. I go to uni for lectures as tutorials and labs aren't running yet then I come home, blast as much fan as I can get as the weather has been horrendous and then I just consume myself in shows and sweat and rashes and then the day goes by and a somewhat similar routine starts again the next day.

    I am sure to get to it sometime soon but am just not feeling the kick yet. Slowly.. I'll have it up one by one (: Soon? =X

    Uni has been pretty dull. The iPad happens to be my saviour and gets me through the yawns of morning lecture. And also did some amendment to my enrolment and looks like I am picking up a new language this semester! I am stoked!

    Like.. I've always wanted to pick up a new language and it has always been Spanish for some reason(maybe it is under the influence of Spanish football players XD) but.. my uni don't offer spanish so I went for the next thing that I was sort of keen of, Italian! I had to... I am going to live my Italian holiday dream someday.. There are korean and japanese and chinese but maybe I'll venture to one more of it next year since I am still gonna be left with one more elective (:

    Feels like the days have been passing slow altho it is entering Thursday already but it just feels long till Friday and Friday is when I get to see the bf! My neck is getting long(and rashes-y.. thanks to the heat!) while waiting for the days to pass.. Just feels long.. All I have it pictures of him and us up on my wall and also occasional skype calls that lasts for 3 hours.

    Maybe it is because uni hasn't been busy and I have been having all these spare time, it just makes me miss him and miss home and the things I could and would be doing if I were still home. Not really homesick or anything, just that I miss the lifestyle I was having back at home. Just for pure holidays and fun. Instead of now.. lots of free time but not really free time because uni has already started.

    I am really looking forward to my weekends. And for this semester, weekends starts on Friday for me (: Only have 4 days of classes per week which is pretty good! Altho certain days I do go on all the way till 530 and 630pm. But I guess having an extra day of weekend sounds way better! :D

    So far the week has been slow and hot. Consistent heat for the whole week. Fluctuating about plus minus one to two degrees from 30 for the whole week. So far the iPhone's weather forecast says that it'll be till Monday. I really hope not.. I wanted to be back to the cold not the heat... the heat here is unbearable without an aircond... )): Even the current 26 degrees of stale air and no cold wind whatsoever is frustrating me..!

    Hmmm.. next update will probably be about the weekend (: For now.., that is all I am looking forward to. Another happy thought, mum got her US visa approved for 10 years which means.... US trip for me in these period babeh! Well.. wherever the mum goes, the daughter goes too. IF possible! :D Feels cooler when I imagine happy things (((:

    I guess that's it for now. Moving on to TVB series and Once Upon a Time. I am running out of shows to watch. I am updated to all the current episodes for my favourite series already...

    Happy moments will be documented soon!

    girls and their self shots.. :DD HEHE


    Lots of Love,
    Sher xoxo.

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