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  1. Hey! I iz back for an update on how the week went (: Fairly enjoyable I would say. Had some great company, good food, made some new friends and I am enjoying my italian class. Learning a new language is rather fun! Altho the italian grammar is tricky, I quite enjoy the fact that this new language is starting to sink into me (:

    The weekends.. :D

    Saturday night, we had dinner plans with audrey and wei ping. We as in both the boyfriend and me. Went for some pretty awesome Korean BBQ dinner but the not so nice part was the heat. It was already high 30s outside and inside the restaurant was equally as bad. Thanks to all the grilling and heating and stuff. At least the awesome food made is somewhat worth it! (: It was nice catching up with the girls! After not seeing them for like two months. But... I am really sad that wei ping is leaving.. ): So not fun.. ):

    After dinner, we parted ways and headed for a little bubble tea session with wei nian and tek yit. On such a hot night, cold drinks turned to room temperature in a snap. Everything feels sticky and stale. Just totally not my kind of weather. But at least the bf had a nice conversation with nian and the little get together was nice (:


    Had brunch plans with the bf's high schoolmate and her boyfriend. Had never met her prior to that morning so it was more about meeting someone new and someone whom you're comfortable talking to altho it is just the first day that you've met them :D And knowing a friend from the bf's life makes me feel good in some way because it feels like I am interacting into his life and getting to know his friends is supposedly good and healthy? HAHA!

    So yeapp.. we headed down to the city from monash bus loop to seven seeds. His friend fancies coffee and well... Seven Seeds is voted the best coffee place in Melbourne last year I think? So why not head to the best there is right? (:

    Settled down with a cup of mocha but heavy on the chocolate for me. I am no fan of coffee but mocha and lots of chocolate taste pretty good! :D

    Our food. The four of us ordered the same thing in doubles. But... I have to say thou, the brunch at Seven Seeds is somewhat a let down. Personally I didn't really like my meal at all. There are way better brunch places out there and serves decent coffee. So yeah.. It looks good but tasted mehh only.

    Qian Hui and Joe Jin (: seriously cute and friendly peeps!

    Me and the boyfie

    We sat there chit chatting for quite sometime and the topics went from food to each others lives and stuff. It is always nice to hear about people's experiences and different views of different field of study and how it pens out that makes one's life work out the way they do.

    After brunch, we headed over to the Moomba festival which was a total pain on the skin. It was so SO HOT! I hated the heat so much last weekend. I was literally in "pull hair moments" almost every second of the time. It was just so so bad! Therefore Moomba was nothing but heat and heat and dust everywhere. I didn't enjoy any of it..

    Then, we took a train to Glenferrie where my uni is cause Joe Jin wanted to have a look at the crumpler sale that was located nearby my uni, on glenferrie road. Spent sometime lingering around the place and then decided to head back to clayton after that.

    But since the heat was so bad, going back to the boyfriend's place would be a totally bad idea because his room is just simply almost unbearable in summer heat. So... the both of us decided to go and catch and movie and stay indoors with air conditioning.

    And so, we took a bus to glen waverley and went for Oz The Great and The Powerful. Paid $15.50 just to escape the heat and hoping for a good movie BUT the movie was a total letdown!! Like so so so bad!!! Nothing nice about it.. All the nice part was already in the trailer and it was a waste of money... ): Felt so sad and cheated after the movie so I decided to give ourselves a treat!

    Went for some deluxe fries @ Pancake Parlour. It was so yums!! The bf being a total sucker for anything potato, went almost to heaven eating this (: It was our first time having it and I can assure that it will not be our last ((: It was so sinfully gooooooood!

    Monday, back to uni for classes. But because that night itself we were having a S9 gathering, I decided to extend my stay at the bf's so that I could have the night till late with them. As khai shien was leaving soon (or I would say.. left already), we decided to have a last gathering with him in Melbourne.

    Had it @ Oriental Spoon.

    The S9s in Melbourne! Minus ferns.. he just tagged along cause he is the visitor and he is suppose to crash parties. HAHAHA! just kidding fernie.. :D

    Soon we will be losing another member. Khai shien left on wednesday and wei ping is leaving by the end of april.. ): Feeling sad that we are slowly decreasing our numbers. In fact, I am slowly decreasing my number of friends here in Melbourne.. ))):

    Tuesday, went to uni for one class and then met up with ferns and teck wei for lunch. I promised ferns to take him to eat good burgers and so.. I took him to Huxtaburger. It is either Andrews Burger or huxta but since it was also a hot hot day, going for andrews burger would be a pain because they don't have any seating in the shop which means you gotta take away and eat it on a bench nearby or something. Which is totally not for hot days.. so yeap Huxtaburger it was then.

    The bf and ferns both ordered the Theo.

    And I ordered the Bills. The only difference was that mine has only one pattie instead of two that they were having and mine had an egg, a slice or beetroot and pineapple extra compared to theirs. And seriously... it was so good!!! Goooooooood food man!

    After lunch was to the Australian Immigration department cause the bf needed to settle some of his visa stuff and the three of us ended up waiting for the turn for almost two hours... We sat there and literally did nothing. By the time we were done it was close to 5pm. And had no intentions on going for dinner anytime soon so we parted ways and headed home.

    I was suppose to head home to aunty D's but I postponed it for another day and went back to clayton with the boyfie. Dinner ended up to be Nando's. A whole chicken and one large side for the both of us (:

    Wednesday/Yesterday, went for uni and had a three hour break soo.. I got the bf to come over to uni and have lunch with me. We had never done this lunch break thing before because last time, he would be busy in classes in clayton and it was never right to come all the way to hawthorn to eat with me. So yeah.. now, I took the opportunity of him being free to come and have lunch with me (:

    At least I won't be always eating lunches by myself. At least I could say he came to eat with me once? :D

    We went for japanese food. Samurai, a small little japanese cafe on glenferrie road that serves pretty decent japanese food in terms of quality and price. I generally enjoy the food there.

    The bf ordered their sushi bento box. $12.50

    Where as I ordered a dinner box that came with a couple of things..,

    A bowl of miso soup.

    Marinated fried chicken as entree.

    Chicken Curry Katsu as my main.

    And also had a can of drink. All of that for $15. Sounds reasonable eh? :D

    Our meal (: Lunch date with the bf! 

    And since it was a three hour break, we still had some time to spare before my next class. So.. we went to a student lounge area in my uni and continued on watching Balls of Fury. We watched half of it two nights ago and finished it then. At 430pm, I went for my computer lab class while he went on to the city to chill with wei nian because they were gonna have dinner together.

    After some juggling of plans, I ended up tagging along with them for dinner as well. There was me, teck wei, wei nian, qian hui and jia shen. We settled for Rose Garden for dinner! It was more like a catching up with qian hui cause she is only going to be here until the end of april. Nian and tw used to be classmates with her and jia shen happens to know her too. 

    So yeah I was just tagging along for dinner.. for some spicy chicken ribs heheh (: After dinner we went for some dessert at Meet Fresh and then about 9 ish I headed for home. Yeap this time, I headed back to Aunty D's. HEHE

    Today, was only in uni for a short class and then came back home and have been hooked on Suits since. I've been asked several times if I was watching and also have been told that it is good so I decided to pick it up. A fresh series and somewhat good looking guys are sorta my thing anyways.. :P 

    On a sad note, I received a news today regarding a passing of a high schoolmate. It just doesn't feel right. In fact, it feels rather weird and so sad. Although I've never really took the time to know him, but the fact is we were once in the same class. And now knowing that this person who once had walk into my life regardless of how insignificant he was at that time, his passing would still make an impact to people. To me, I feel nothing but sadness and regret on how I used to shallowly judged him for the way he acted before. Now, he is merely going to be a memory to others and never able to serve others in ways that he had planned for his future as a lawyer. Life is a very short road and it is one road that you'll never know what callings are heading your way. Rest in peace, my fellow schoolmate.

    Well.. whatever it is, life goes on, and preferably and supposedly to be lived to its fullest.

    The weekend starts tomorrow for me. And so, I'll be meeting ferns and cherly for brunch as ferns is heading back to Malaysia tomorrow night already and then I'll be heading over to the bf's for the weekend.

    That's all for now! Moving onto another episode of Suits. Ciao! (:

    With love,

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