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    Wednesday, March 20, 2013

    Hey ya'll :D

    I am done with two seasons of Suits. Patiently waiting for the upcoming season which will only be aired in July.. I hate to wait for new seasons. Especially that I am up to date with all the series I've been up to, it just doesn't feel as fun anymore to not being able to watch episodes back to back because you've already watched it all. It sucks. And it leaves me more time to do other stuffs.. What stuffs..? I'll figure that out soon enough :P

    So, the past weekend was boring. All I did was watching Suits, eating and sleeping more than half of the time. Yes, I do think I sleep too much but I couldn't help it. Especially now with the article speculating around about how women needs to sleep more. The boyfriend has been complaining about my sleeping pattern and now, maybe I could use this article printed in the newspaper on him :D

    Okay let's rewind back to Friday,

    Since fernie was gonna leave back to Malaysia on Friday night, meeting him up for food is a must. And since I've already took him to brunch(altho it wasn't really brunch because it didn't involve any eggs, I still would like to call it brunch), to American/Aussie styled burger, we had Mexican food once, Korean the other day, had Rose Garden sometime back, for bagels, middle-eastern styled kebab platters and this time I suggested Spanish (:

    Plans were made between me, cherly and fernie. After all I do not have classes on fridays and I haven't had paella in a long while. And it worked out perfectly. Met up with the both of them at South Melbourne Market as Simply Spanish is located on the Cecil St side of the market.

    A decent spanish place that doesn't over charge. And is up on standard (((: My goto place for Spanish food.

    Both me and cherly ordered their seafood paella. At $13.50 per plate.

    And fernie ordered their mushroom with smoked something? and prosciutto on the top. Pricier but awesome altho it tasted more like a good risotto than a paella. I think it was $19.50?

    Sat there chit chatted and then had a spontaneous idea to go for dessert or I would say, cakes. And Chez Dre is just nearby plus they serve good cakes and fernie hasn't been so of course we went there :D

    We sitted ourselves at the courtyard and it was nice sitting outside, enjoying the breeze and the sounds of formula one cars in a distance.

    Fernie! See you in a couple of months!

    This was subtle-y goodness! Green Tea, Mango and Black Sesame (: Layers of mango jelly, white chocolate creme, black sesame brulee wrapped in green tea mousse. AWESOME!

    The classic blueberry cheesecake at it's top notch! ((: Lemon curd and blueberry compote smack right in the middle and covered with cream cheese mousse :D

    These two cakes are from their current menu and it was really good! Initially I wanted to go back for the dome apricot cake but.. unfortunately it has been taken off the menu ): On the brightside, these cakes was a total tastebud opener!

    Yeap.. it deserves a clean shave!

    Parted ways with fernie at south melbourne... ): Since he stays nearby and he has to go back and pack for his trip back home. It was nice having a friendly visitor from home (: And I do hope he enjoyed his trip! And of course my.. I mean OUR company :D

    Then went over to spencer street's fashion shops to just see see look look with cherly. Most of the shops there have already closed down. And before, one of the reasons why I always go there is because there was a Forever New clearance store. But now, it's goneeeeee... ): No more getting cheap cheaaaap bargains from there anymore. Sho sadd ):

    After walking for an hour, we left back for home. Well cherly left back for home and I went over to the boyfriend's :D

    And the rest of the night was just staying in with the bf, cooked tom yum yee mee for dinner while watching the latest runningman episode for the week (:

    Saturday we went out for lunch and grocery shopping and the rest of the day was just me sleeping and us ordering 3 pizzas for dinner.

    Sunday I was suppose to head home but the weather wasn't promising so I stayed another night. And for dinner, I oven baked some chicken wings and we had leftover pizzas as well.

    My chicken wings was awesome! :D There charring was inevitable tho.. And it could have been alot alot better if I marinated it first but it tasted really goooood. On the outside only tho cause I didn't marinate it earlier so there wasn't much taste on the inside. It was still good anyhows. The boyfriend loved it! And hearing him call me awesome for it(altho I forced him into saying I am awesome because it tasted awesome.., but thats not the point :P), it made me super happy! Honey barbecue sauced chicken wings! :D

    Uni for the next three days including today was just normal. Apart from me enjoying Italian more, nothing exciting happened or anything worth documenting.

    Altho I did make a healthy lunch yesterday :D 

    A bowl of cold brown rice - leftover from the night before
    Two slices of smoked ocean trout
    One roma tomato
    A handful of baby rocket leaves
    A can of salmon in lemon and cracked pepper dressing
    Season to taste with salt and pepper

    Just toss everything together and voila! Healthy and super tasty lunch! :D I don't normally do healthy food because honestly I eat very unhealthily and never gives a crap about maintaining healthy lifestyle bla bla bla.. but.. this tasted good. And for me, food consumed has to taste good!

    Tomorrow, back to uni. Good thing about it, it is the last day for the week ((: And then heading over to the bf's and the cycle repeats itself again. One week just passes by so quickly. Before I even felt like I did anything productive, the week has already ended. Hmmm...

    Ok.. off to preparing for a lab tomorrow while skyping with the bf. Tho I'll be seeing him in a day, there isn't such thing as "I have talked to him enough" :P

    Ending the post with my new iphone covers! Totally love the moustache. Have been secretly loving it... I am now waiting on my moustache watch to come in the mail :D Ebay does it cheap! I got these for $3 for two!

    Ciao peeps! Arrivederci!

    sher xoxo.

    Simply Spanish on Urbanspoon Chez Dré on Urbanspoon

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